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Sharp Instincts are your complete marketing partner. We advise, inspire and deliver results to clients who want to grow their business through both on and offline marketing avenues. As a client of Sharp Instincts, you will experience the advantage of ongoing and transparent communication, and the security of knowing that all of your marketing needs are being managed by the most knowledgeable, reliable and results driven team around. 

The way we operate is unique, in that our services extend across the entire marketing spectrum. From offline DM's and media exposure to App building, e-commerce and social media, we are your end-to-end marketing masters committed to generating more leads for your business. For more information, please call 1800 189 787.

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Chadstone, Australia
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Key clients: 

Tobin Brothers Pancake Parlour Anco Turf Sk Designer Living

Pancake & Restaurant Extraordinaire Image

Pancake & Restaurant Extraordinaire


Pancake Parlour has a strong social media army and high levels of engagement with their audience. In an effort to continue to interact with their audience as well as grow their new lovely rewards program Pancake Parlour turned to Sharp Instincts for support on an upcoming promotion. The promotion centres on offering weekly “winter treat” to the Pancake Parlour signed up members. Depending on how

cold the temperature was outside would dictate the offer available to their rewards members. The problem however is that with so many weather apps and differing points for the exact temperature Pancake Parlour needed to provide a transparent point of truth that everybody would be happy with.


The outcome for Pancake Parlour was a live temperate that kept their Pancake Parlour rewards members clicking refresh hundreds of a times a day but also delivering results & redemptions to the bottom line for Pancake Parlour. A well integrated and strategically created campaign helped Pancake Parlour increase their sales and the average customer spend per a visit.

Memory Maker Image

Memory Maker

The Need

As the market-leading funeral directors in Victoria, Tobin Brothers was looking to increase the transparency and practical assistance for planning a funeral.


In July 2018, this app was simultaneously launched across the Google Play Store & the Apple App Store for both phone and tablet. The unique offering presented by the app such as building your

own coffin or casket, step by step guided funeral process, comparing plans and services has been a great success for both customers and Tobin Brothers funeral consultants.