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We provide Software, Web, and Mobile development solutions for IT, Marketing, and E-commerce teams. Our development team has the necessary skills to design, code, and deploy your projects.

With offices in Toronto and Lisbon, and with the core of the development team based in Portugal, we provide cost-effective development services to companies across North America and Europe.

The projects we develop match design, user experience, usability, and technology with the best programming techniques and standards.

Our project management and quality assurance experts guarantee the best results and quality. At the same time, our design and development teams strive to find the best approach and technical solution for your projects.

Whether you are looking to develop a single project, nearshore or offshore setup, in-house development, or resource allocation, we can provide you with the development setup you require.

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E-commerce for TemaHome Image

E-commerce for TemaHome

Temahome is a multinational company and brand with a presence in more than 45 countries. They design and produce contemporary furniture. They are focused on providing their worldwide customers with high-quality products and services.

We were contacted by Teamhome marketing team in 2019. The purpose of the project was to redesign the client's web portal and also implement a new e-commerce solution for Temahome. After

several meetings and negotiations, Temahome decided to trust us with this project. The project included the development of all user interface, user experience, and coding.
E-commerce for Eric Cantona Image

E-commerce for Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona is a former professional football/soccer player that represented Manchester United for several years and also played for the French National Team. Currently is a businessman, investor, and artist. In 2018 he was working on Espéranto, a fashion brand that also includes clothes designed and created by himself.

Eric's team has contacted us in early 2018. The purpose was to develop a website and e-commerce

solution for his new brand: Espéranto. After several weeks of discussions and meetings, we were the ones selected to develop the project. Also, the fact that our development team is based in Portugal made us a very cost-effective provider.