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SHARE Creative help brands maintain relevance by understanding their customers better through unrivalled research methodologies. ParseR, our intelligence suite, powers best-in-class insights, brand strategies and campaigns.

Through a unique mix of data science, analytics and innovative AI techniques, we get to the bottom of key business questions and deliver tailored, distinctive messaging that speaks directly and relevantly to your target customer.

Our award-winning creative studio produces cut through campaigns that surpass your marketing objectives by speaking to customers in their voice and on their terms.

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Key clients: 

The North Face, Sky, Lego, Vans Off The Wall, Jeep, Gordon's, Diageo, Southern Comfort, Microsoft, Benefit Cosmetics UK

Sky - The Walking Dead is Coming

Season 7 of The Walking Dead was returning, and we were tasked with raising awareness amongst an audience with a high zombie appetite, and making the show synonymous with Sky.

  • 11.3M Reach
  • 150K Engagements
  • 200K Video Views


We kicked off the campaign by auditing the type of content that passionate Walking Dead fans engaged with. The outcome? People

watched the show repeatedly wondered ‘what would I do’…. This repeating insight was clear brief for us to work from – why not arrange an experience that convinced users that The Walking Dead was real… and coming?


We then built a range of videos with the Sky News team, reporting on the (fake) news that Walkers had arrived and were in audiences areas that cut between the studio and ‘real’ zombie footage. To generate even more belief and reach, we created localised versions of the video, with walkers being spotted in 5 popular locations in the UK: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Newcastle. They were everywhere!


The activation returned over 14 million views of the film, and tens of thousands of reactions and comments. Success was proved further by achieved two organic views to every paid view – demonstrating that you can still go ‘viral’ if your strategy is right. And full of zombies.

Vans Off The Wall - Super Limited Editions

Vans invited SHARE to help launch Vans Customs in Europe – a customisable shoe platform for fans to design their own trainer – to generate mass awareness, usage and purchase.

  • 128M Reach
  • 288.6K Engagements
  • 3.6M Video Views


To better understand Vans’ customers, our data scientists leveraged our R.A.P.I.D. model (data based on Region, Attitudes,

Personality, Interests and Demographics) and analysed social conversations around Vans and competitors. From this, we discovered where and who we should target before categorising them into three core personas; aligning with brand loyalty, culture or fashion.

One common theme that materialised amongst these audiences was the notion of being unique (albeit in very different ways), which harmoniously lent itself to the campaign. Off the back of this, we developed Super Limited Edition; a campaign to show that Vans Customs are one-of-a-kind, just like the people who wear them. To reflect this, we created over 100 bespoke Customs shoe designs and targeted them to our audiences on social, ensuring content and messaging was tailored to their interests, behaviours or local nuances.


Throughout the duration of the campaign period, Vans Customs also accrued 60% of all sales for the brand, proving tailored content and efficient optimisation reaches the most relevant audience and achieves successful results. By understanding our audience and building a robust strategy results surpassed the page benchmark.

Visit LEGO Store

LEGO®, the world’s most famous toy company, wanted to increase awareness of their direct to consumer retail channels in the United Kingdom and Germany. We worked together to build a 360 campaign to do just that, in truly brick-tactic fashion.

  • 50M Impressions
  • 214K Engagements
  • 30K+ Site Views


To begin the activation, we first undertook a listening study

to provide benchmarks on existing awareness of use of the LEGO retail sources – site and in store. This study also aided creative positioning, as we discovered a common theme of audience ‘planning a trip’ to the toy giant. This insight led us to creating the Visit LEGO Store campaign.

The Visit LEGO Store campaign acted as a tourism style activation that positioned each store (and site) as a wonderful destination that parents, AFOLS (adult fans of LEGO!) could enjoy. Distributed through tourism board videos, pop-up tourist booths, graffiti activations, social content, influencer activations and a PR-able film following a group of grandparents during their trip, our Visit LEGO store campaign truly inspired the UK and Germany to begin their adventure with us.


The combination of the activations resulted in us reaching 1 in 5 people in both the UK and Germany, garnering a 96% approval rating, over 50 million impressions, 215k physical experiences and a huge increase in site and store traffic.

Sky - Voice Control

Sky asked SHARE Creative to develop an awareness driving social campaign to help launch their latest service, Voice Control, for Sky Q.

  • 232K Reach
  • 150K Engagements
  • 200K Video Views


To understand how best to talk to the target audience, we used social listening to identify how Sky users wanted to receive this type of message – entertainment clearly beat

out product-led video or product tutorials! As a result, we launched the campaign with Idris Elba through a series of entertaining social videos that featured him testing and using Sky Voice Control in a playful way. We found that a mix of mobile-friendly videos featuring Idris with animated 3D text overlay performed best, and optimised our creative as we delivered the key product messages.


Following the success of Idris Elba’s videos, we recommended a follow-up featuring some of Sky’s football and boxing ambassadors, including Thierry Henry, Paul Merson, Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Anthony Joshua and Jonny Nelson. We created a variety of situations and environments for these sporting legends that allowed them to control Sky with their voice. These humorous moments included having them comment on their own games & fights and testing their punditry skills, as well as playing a range of competitive quizzes!


Both the launch and humorous and entertaining videos performed exceptionally well, with above benchmark results in views, engagement and completion rates. By bringing unique stories and moments to the table in snackable videos created for social media, we were able to educate Sky’s customers in a fun way, through content they enjoyed tuning into.

Marcus Sribner meets Proactiv

What do time travel, pimples, and an awkward bathroom encounter have in common? Proactiv asked SHARE to help reimagine marketing for brand.  We began with a deep dive analysis of their brand that pointed to a better path in the face (see what we did there) of a changing audience.


Science knows the exact ages where pimples begin to appear, but marketing has, until now, been less specific.

SHARE’s insights team worked to provide an understanding of an audience more in tune with Rick and Morty than Jessica Simpson.

Proactiv is a brand for whom visuals are key. Together, we decided to develop a video for digital and broadcast that still employed influencer, but in an unexpected way. Marcus Scribner, star of TV’s Black-ish, is a big fan of Proactiv and was a great fit for the audience we discovered. Instead of a straight to camera read, we felt that a piece that used the full breadth of his comedic capabilities was best for audience and brand alike.


The result was Marcus, meeting Marcus from 90 days in the future. This way we were able to explain the benefit of sticking with the regimen long enough to see the full impact of the product. The response was overwhelming. The video was shared across social and Proactiv has been the beneficiary of positive sentiment since the video’s launch.

The North Face - The Progressive Explorer

The North Face exists to inspire people to live a life of inspiration. With this in mind, they asked us to help grow their brand awareness and credibility for their target audience: The Progressive Explorer. The big question – who, and where was this Progressive Explorer?

  • 409%+ Link Clicks
  • 48%+ Comments
  • 29%+ Shares

Data insights

To begin our understanding of the

Progressive Explorer audience, we conducted a brand workshop with The North Face to gather all keywords, activities and interests associated to lifestyles and product uses. We turned these data points into a social listening plan, and an audience profiling study was launched. This epic listening study allowed us to segment and profile the audience by demographics, behavioural traits and relevant exploration activity.

Once we knew where the audience was and what they were interested in, we could look at the social and competitive landscape to surface key areas of opportunity and threat across the market – then utilise our auto-populated profile lists in all communication plans and activations. Our four key profile groups – the physical, creative, emotional and cultural explorer – went on to become the foundation for all brand activity.

Results & Strategy

They provided the base insights for 360 campaign activations, defined BAU social posting, re-formatted paid media targeting across the board and informed robust benchmarks for success. As a result of this campaign a bespoke benchmarking algorithm was applied to consistently measure The North Face share of conversation across the digital landscape. A truly data informed way to inspire audiences to #NeverStopExploring.

Southern Comfort - Southern Welcome

SHARE was invited to help build a new future for Southern Comfort by understanding their audience and identifying opportunity markets – as well as building the creative activations to action the strategy.

  • 193%+ Link Clicks
  • 41%+ Organic Reach
  • 20%+ Fan Growth

Data insights

To better understand their audience, we analysed a mix of social, digital, web and offline

focus groups. We gauged existing awareness and opinions of Southern Comfort, plus the whiskey category overall, whilst understanding the types of reasons and occasions where people consume alcohol – and specifically whiskey. To dig deeper, we also analysed psychographic data around core personality traits, interests, habits, values and attitudes of these drinkers.


We pulled all of the insights together using SHARE’s R.A.P.I.D. model, and found three key personas that reflected the top customer segments to target. Using this data, we developed the #SouthernWelcome campaign to celebrate Southern hospitality and the habitual moments for enjoying Southern Comfort.


With each persona enjoying the brand in different moments, entertaining and irreverent content was delivered in a personalised way to custom audiences. Results of the RAPID project also allowed us to understand consumer perception towards the brand, trigger points for enjoying the drink, as key moments for consumption which all paved the way for more refined strategic and creative targeting.

To support the repositioning, we developed a new visual identity for the brand’s social media content, launched Southern Comfort’s first UK Instagram channel, tested new formats and content, streamed live from a range of whiskey and food events, built a full influencer program, and even partnered with high profile chefs such as DJ BBQ and Neil Rankin.