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SFL Scientific is a data science consulting and AI services firm that develops custom machine learning, data engineering, and AI solutions. We work with public and private sector clients to provide data strategy, prototype, integrate, and manage sophisticated AI solutions by leveraging emerging technology.

With a globally connected network of technology partners, SFL Scientific brings data science and data engineering talent to deliver professional services and insights to address complex business challenges.


Headquartered in Boston, SFL Scientific provides organizations a strategic partner to expand and develop AI initiatives to reduce manual processes, improve performance, and develop new tools and services at the intersection of business and technology. SFL Scientific is the preferred machine learning and deep learning service provider for NVIDIA, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, working across twenty sectors. SFL Scientific focuses on developing solutions for computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, time-series, and customer analytics.

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Quincy, MA
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    United States


Key clients: 

American Heart Association, Vertex, Optum, Bain Capital, Eli Lilly, P&G, Biogen, Smithsonian, Smith & Nephew, Johnson & Johnson, PPD, PerkinElmer, CBS, Estee Lauder, DoD, First American, and many more.

Healthcare organizations are in a unique position harness rich data and operate with greater insight: Electronic health records [text], medical images [video, images], sensor data [time-series], lab results, clinical data, hospital operational data, payer data, etc. Organizations will be able to uncover leading clinical practices, shrink research time, streamline administration, and offer new personalized engagement and

discovery, such as digital health, at an industrial scale that will align individual’s decisions and actions in ways that improve outcomes.