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SevenPro is a team of professionals whose goal is to provide high-quality services in Software Development and Technology Consulting.

Staying constantly focused on our clients'​ plans, needs or expectations we comprehensively analyse their requests and eventually suggest the target solutions exclusively tailored to each specific customer.

Each member of SevenPro team is a keeper of seven core values and principles, which form the basis of our work, our common desire to be experts in the services we provide.

We respect each employee and each client we have. Thus we set the highest priority to ensure full compliance between their expectations and the results obtained.

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Grain Tokenization Platform Image

Grain Tokenization Platform

The system implements a completely new approach to accounting and grain management. Transparency of operations is achieved through the use of blockchain technology, which also provides a high level of data reliability (each operation is signed with a private key) and fault tolerance (data is distributed between several nodes).

Grain Tokenization Platform developed by us eliminates accounting and security risks that

farmers and grain elevators owners are exposed to. One of the business flows is described below:

- Farmers, elevator owners and funds are registering in the system and pass KYC procedure. They become verified members.
- Elevator’s owner register a grain type and its class which he supposes to accept from farmers for storage (wheat, corn, barley etc).
- When farmer delivers grain to elevator, its owner accepts the batch and issues appropriate amount of grain token directly to farmers account.
- Farmer could trade the tokens on internal exchange, buyers can do withdraw (which means that elevator physically ships grain to new token owner), funds are able to deposit fiat/crypto to the platform and buy batches of grain for further resale.

Advanced cloud cctv solution Image

Advanced cloud cctv solution

Our solution offers a completely new approach compared to standard video surveillance systems. All data is stored in the cloud. There is no need for users to buy expensive equipment and take care of its maintenance, just install and configure cameras on the portal’s personal page.

The system we developed uses integration with modern software solutions for processing high-resolution video streams, storing data on remote

servers and a flexible user management system. The platform consists of several systems interacting with each other: wellcome website, user portal, administrator portal, storage and management systems for large amounts of video data.
Lightweight mobile client for news portal Image

Lightweight mobile client for news portal

A cross-platform mobile application is written on ReactNative. Within the limited budgets, we used the cross platform approach and implemented the ReactNative application with the minimum necessary functionality and a simple, understandable user interface. Integration with the Portal's API was carried out in a short time.