UX and Digital Product Design for SaaS Startups

We are a team of UX researchers and designerswith 20+ successful digital platforms under our belts representing £100m+ in development investment.

We design end-to-end UX for B2B SaaS. We are experts in onboarding design and we are exceptional with data heavy platforms that power dashboards and actionable insight.

We will help you raise investment, gain paying customers, and get acquired. We have done all of the above for our customers.

$100 - $149 / hr
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Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Network Eagle Lab, Portland Terrace
    Southampton, HAM SO14 7SJ
    United Kingdom


Key clients: 

StratOSS (Now IBM), VoiceIQ, Proofer, Natural HR, Aphex

VoiceIQ AI powered Comms platform Image

VoiceIQ AI powered Comms platform

VoiceIQ uses AI to intelligently connect customer support and success teams to their clients at just the right time. Using NLP and Machine Learning we were able to design a system that automate most of those team members' work, automatically triggering and completing workflows in CRMs sucg as Salesforce. A second AI solution pulls out insights from the call data harvested across the enterprise allowing leadership teams to

respond more quickly and accurately to arising challenges.
Proofer Social Media Automation Image

Proofer Social Media Automation

Proofer automates and reuses content to allow small teams to achieve the reach of much larger teams but on a project.

We took a crude POC and turn it into a full platform with team and client management, dashboards and an onboarding centre.

Aphex Lean Construction Planner Image

Aphex Lean Construction Planner

An AI and IoT powered Gannt platform for rapidly reorganising workflows on complex build projects. The platform utilises IoT, weather data, traditional planning data (i.e. from Primavera), and survey data to identify work flow clashes and resolve them before they become an issue. Currently being used on all 4 mega projects in the UK and across the EU and Australia.

StratOSS Lifecycle Manager Image

StratOSS Lifecycle Manager

This platform allows Telco companies do visually design, test and deploy ne services such as VoIP and streaming video apps. Previously they would be created in pure code. Once deployed, the services can be monitored while the UX allows rapid root cause analysis to solve network failures, keeping customers happy and saving lives.

Acquired by IBM March 2020

Topology Screen Image

Topology Screen

Allowing network engineers to visually explore complex systems in a simple manner.

Diagnostics Platform Image

Diagnostics Platform

Allowing operations centres to perform real time analysis on actually deployed instances of network services.