Innovation lab (AR, MR, XR, 3D, VFX, IoT,Robotics)

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Service lines
  • AR/VR Development
  • Wearable App Development
  • Custom Software Development
Client focus
  • Enterprise (>$1B)
  • Small business (<$10M)
  • Midmarket ($10M - $1B)
Industry focus
  • Advertising & marketing
  • Consumer products & services
  • Health Care & Medical


AR App for LORD Corp. Image

AR App for LORD Corp.

LORD corp, which was recently acquired by Parker Hannifin for $3.68 Billion, requested a series of augmented reality apps to showcase their products (available in almost every car in the world) within AR. We created these AR apps from the ground up including creative direction, project management, software development, hardware development and all technologies involved, such as AR tracking of a large scale-down models of 3D

printed cars and trucks and wirelessly controlled display spinning turntable. The AR Car app was premiered at the electric & hybrid car show in Stuttgart Germany, May 7-9, 2019 ( ) and became an immediate success at the show. Drawing tremendous attention, it became a major attraction and a winning presentation of LORD's innovative marketing campaign.
HoloLens Weather App Image

HoloLens Weather App

Various apps designed and built at Microsoft on the HoloLens for design exploration. Here showcasing a weather app in holography on the HoloLens. Each weather scene is a holographic diorama which can be place anywhere in the room. Leading the creation, prototyping, software development and production.


Microsoft Fluent Design System Image

Microsoft Fluent Design System

At its Build 2017 developer conference, Microsoft announced that the new name for its visual language will be the 'Fluent Design System'.The NeonX fluent design team was tasked in redesigning a new user experience aim to move away from 'static', with more animation, rich textures and dynamic layers.


Fluent brings the fundamentals of principled design, innovation in technology, and customer needs together as one. It’s a collective approach to creating simplicity and coherence through a shared, open design system across platforms.

Open ecosystem, open design system.

MUDWATT Fuel Cell Image


MudWatt products are fun and educational science kits that use the natural micro-organisms found in soil to generate electricity. Microbiology, chemistry, and electrical engineering all in one versatile STEM-based kit! Although we cannot see them with the naked eye, micro-organisms are all around us. One particular species of microbes possesses the unique ability to release electrons outside their bodies as part of their

natural respiration. Each of our MudWatt kits utilizes this remarkable ability by providing mud-based microbes with two conductive graphite discs - the anode and cathode. The anode is placed within the mud where the electrogenic microbes can grow, and the cathode is placed on top, exposing it to oxygen in the air. All MudWatt kits come with everything you need, except soil. So dig in and get revved up! You'll know your bacteria is generating power when you see the LED light blinking. Free lessons and interactive MudWatt Explorer app available online.

3D Map Visualization & Navigation - Mixed Reality Image

3D Map Visualization & Navigation - Mixed Reality

At Microsoft we created a 3D map of the city of Shanghai in holography. The map provided superimposed guidance using visual way-point markers on destinations from the start of a trip and even during planning to the final destination. (Such as hotel)

Toppal - 3D Mobile App Image

Toppal - 3D Mobile App

Toppal is 3D game app which combines 7 arcade type games into one. Initially launched in 2012 it ranked No. 1 app of all apps in 26 countries, No. 1 app of all games apps in 30 countries, No. 1 app of all puzzle apps in 37 countries, and No. 1 app of all family game apps in 41 countries.

Kung-Fu Panda Image

Kung-Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda received Academy Award Nomination for Best Animated Feature of the year, Oscars 2008 Wins 36th Annual Annie Awards in 10 categories, including Best Animated Feature.

Sole inventor of 5% of DreamWorks' IP portfolio of granted patents. (DreamWorks Animation was acquired by NBC Universal / Comcast in 2016 for the amount of $3.8 Billion)

Recipient of DreamWorks Achievement Award 2006 from Steven

Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg.
the Hiriko  Image

the Hiriko

a folding two-seat urban electric car by Hiriko Driving Mobility consortium of Spain, created out of City Car project developed by the M.I.T Media Lab.

role: particpating in the MIT Meida Lab, Smart City Research Group project, primarily business innovation consulting and mentoring (@ MIT Sloan).