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SE16N is a team of highly qualified consultants with rich project experience, specializing in SAP technology. The combination of our theoretical knowledge, professional qualifications, and experience create unique value and quality in the field of advanced IT.

Connecting among existing systems enables us to create entirely new quality and unparalleled efficiency. Such an approach elevates our firm as one of the few companies to offer similar services to our clients. Within SAP, Cloud AWS and Cloud Azure, we are looking for entirely new solutions and implementations based on the combination of these three technologies.

We are also a team of certified architects, developers and engineers in the field of Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology.

SE16N has the status of a silver SAP Partner and AWS partner and is also a certified Microsoft Azure Partner.

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Warsaw, Poland
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Key clients: 
The Gavdi Group, SAP Poland, ACCO Brands, Synthos Group, Śnieżka SA, Enea SA, Euro-net
SAP Case Study - ENEA SA Image

SAP Case Study - ENEA SA

ENEA SA - one of the fourth largest energy group in Poland.

The scope of processed operations and services includes:

  • Technology complex support for SAP Landscape
  • ERP
  • PO
  • HR
  • CRM

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SAP Case Study - PSG Image

SAP Case Study - PSG

Polska Spółka Gazownictwa or in short PSG is the largest gas distribution system operator in Europe and the National Operator of the Gas Distribution System in Poland.

As part of the project, SE16N has ensured the following:
    •    A landscape review of the PSG’s SAP systems;
    •    Systems upgrades to the following versions: SAP ERP - ECC 6.0 EHP 08, SAP CRM - 7.0 EHP 4, SAP BW - NetWeaver 7.5;

    •    Operating Systems & Database migration of SAP systems and upgrade to the target component;
    •    Preparation of the blueprint needed in upgrading and migrating the SAP system environment;
    •    Supporting the client's acceptance tests and solving issues during the project in the area of SAP BASIS;
    •    Supporting and problem-solving in functional areas of the company;
    •    Supporting and error resolution in the ABAP programming area;
    •    Implementation of the configuration of HA / DR reliability mechanisms for SAP HANA systems in accordance with PSG expectations;
    •    Conducting tests of switching technical centers and tests to restore backup/restore SAP system environments;
    •    Project documentation and support.

The Benefits
The collaboration between these two entities has resulted in PSG having the required tools to carry out its mission. The technical upgrades have improved tremendously the company’s workflows. They have also made PSG more digitally adequate to today’s business requirements. The main areas where the improvements have been seen are:
    •    ABAP codes optimization;
    •    Faster business processes;
    •    Reduced database size;
    •    New hardware infrastructure;
    •    Financial savings based on hardware;
    •    Licensing and service;
    •    Acceleration in the field of business processes;
    •    Systems update and increased security for SAP systems.

We can recommend the SE16N company as a solid implementation specialist with a competent and experienced team of consultants. In our opinion, the company SE16N is a professional and reliable contractor.

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SAP Case Study - LPP Image

SAP Case Study - LPP

The upgrading project helped LPP to maintain its competitive edge as a business. Having the software tools updated, with new functionalities in place, allowed the processes to happen smooth and fast and to incorporate new ones without disrupting the business. The results of the upgrading could be seen in three main areas:
    •    Reduced database size;
    •    Systems update;
    •    Increased security for SAP


Entrusted works were performed in accordance with our requirements, and above all in accordance with the SAP Polska guidelines. The cooperation went smoothly and efficiently, guaranteeing us high quality of service and timely execution of orders. We can recommend SE16N as a reliable partner with an experienced and qualified team of consultants.

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SAP Case Study - PKP Cargo Image

SAP Case Study - PKP Cargo

The collaboration between PKP CARGO Group and SE16N was carried out for 6 months, from July through December 2019. The technical upgrades to the highest stable version of SAP ERP EHP 8.0 have significantly improved the performance of the company’s business processes. The outsourced design tasks met PKP CARGO Group’s expectations and were aligned with the SAP requirements.

Achieved Goales


1.    Access to new functionalities and innovation.

Following the upgrade, the company now has access to top performant technologies and innovations features provided by SAP that make it more digital-savvy and able to keep its competitive edge on the market.

    2.    Increased security and performance.

By simplifying the code securing process, the upgrade allows for application protection against security, compliance, and data loss prevention gaps while ensuring code quality.

    3.    Reduced maintenance costs.

Following the upgrade to the latest version of the system, the extensions implemented by external consultants are no longer needed to perform additional operations on the system, which optimizes significantly the company’s maintenance costs.

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AWS Case Study - Śnieżka S.A. (SAP on AWS) Image

AWS Case Study - Śnieżka S.A. (SAP on AWS)

Śnieżka - one of the 25th largest European producers of paints and varnish.

Śnieżka needed solutions during their business transformation  and IT project for optimizing their work. The challenge was to do this fast, accurately in order for them to carry out their business without glitches. Śnieżka also needed to be more agile, have higher security of their SAP systems and ability to adopt emerging technologies in order

to maintain their competitive advantage.

The main technical aspects that SE16N tackled were meant to add value to the business and help them get accustomed to the new technical solutions implemented. Here are a few focus points of the solution:
  • Digital transformation
  • Smart data integration mechanisms
  • High-performance analytics and real-time data processing 

  • Reduced costs of IT infrastructure
  • Infrastructure replacement

During the collaboration within this project, the SE16N team made sure that:

  • Detailed analysis 

  • Implementation of SAP Solutions in the AWS environment, by following these steps:

  1. Installation and Technical Configuration of systems: SAP S/4HANA, SAP CAR, SAP NW PO 7.5, SAP Fiori Frontend 5.0, SAP Solution Manager 7.2, SAP Model Company for Retail;

  2. Installation and Configuration of Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager;

  3. Installation and Configuration of Smart Data Integration mechanisms

  4. SAP S/4HANA upgrade

  • Technical Configuration of interfaces between Cloud and on-premise systems 

  • Maintenance and support of systems in the AWS cloud.

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AWS Case Study - Synthos S.A. (SAP S4/HANA) Image

AWS Case Study - Synthos S.A. (SAP S4/HANA)

Synthos Group SA - one of the leading European producers of synthetic rubber, the largest European producer of expandable polystyrene and a company of international concern from the chemical industry.

Synthos Group S.A. set the task of quick implementation of a comprehensive SAP S4/HANA solution. High implementation dynamics were assumed, taking into account the great flexibility in creating and scaling new systems. The

application was to include the Disaster Recovery solution for the implemented systems.


The Synthos Group has achieved all the goals that the project assumed:

- Deployment Dynamics

- Scalability during implementation

- Cost-effectiveness of the DR solution

- Cost-effectiveness of implementation

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SAP Case Study - ACCO Brands Image

SAP Case Study - ACCO Brands

ACCO Brands - one of the world’s largest designers, marketers, and manufacturers of branded academic, consumer, and business products.

The scope of processed operations and services includes:

  • Technology complex support for SAP Landscape
  • ERP
  • CPS
  • PO
  • SM

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SAP Case Study - Tele-Fonika Kable SA Image

SAP Case Study - Tele-Fonika Kable SA

Tele-Fonika Kable SA - a leading European producer of cables and wires with 100% Polish capital, with significant development potential.

To be able to meet the market demands and the customers' expectations, TELE-FONIKA Kable needed support in upgrading its systems and implementing new technological solutions to streamline the internal processes. SE16N had the knowledge and skills to help the company to upgrade its ERP

6.0 to ERP 6.08 system and migrate to the SAP HANA platform while ensuring minimum disruption across the company.

After considering many options and debating over functionalities and benefits, TFK decided to upgrade its ERP 6.0 to ERP 6.08 system and migrate to the SAP HANA. SAP HANA is one of the most widely used ERP platforms and it enables real-time business by converging transactions and analytics on one in-memory platform. SAP HANA untangles IT complexity and democratizes in-memory computing, bringing huge savings in data management and empowering decision-makers everywhere with new insight and predictive power. The platform offered all the analytical and agility capabilities that TFK needed.

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SAP Case Study - EURO-net (RTV Euro AGD) Image

SAP Case Study - EURO-net (RTV Euro AGD)

Euro-net - the 9th biggest privately held company in Poland in the retail and e-commerce category.

The scope of processed operations and services includes:
    •    Technology complex support for SAP Landscape
    •    ERP
    •    PO
    •    HR
    •    CRM

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AWS Case Study - GAVDI Polska Image

AWS Case Study - GAVDI Polska

GAVDI Polska has extensive SAP environments for presenting customer solutions, creating and testing its solutions and selfimprovement. Environments do not have to be on a 24/7 basis, but when they work, they must be efficient and stable. GAVDI Polska was looking for an environment that would meet the following

  • Stability
  • Scalability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Focusing on your own specialization


A stable, efficient, and cost-effective work environment for consultants and programmers is one of the most important priorities of our daily work. Thanks to the migration of our systems to the AWS cloud, GAVDI Poland has achieved all the goals set for this process“ says Ireneusz Hołowacz, Director of GAVDI Application Development Center.

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