Creative Communication and Production

Savion Ray is a creative agency that specialises in campaigns aimed to promote the purpose of a company or organisation. For years, we have been building and testing methodologies that work in changing behavioursraising awareness, and mobilising communities to become advocates for a cause.

All throughout, we have linked brands to good causes and highlighted the good work companies do to make a difference.

Some of our most significant work deals with women empowermenteducationhealthclimate changewaste reduction and proper disposal.

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Brussels, Belgium


Key clients: 

European Commission, Philips, United Nations, GIZ, United Nations University, Whirpool, KU Leuven, British Chamber of Commerce, Dyslexia International, Women Political Leaders, Women Leaders Global Forum, Ghent University.

#WomenLeadersIceland Image


Savion Ray was in charge of the communications strategy for Women Political Leaders, the global network for female politicians, a Brussels-based non-partisan organisation, working to increase the number and influence of women in politics.

We are all a part of the change

Savion Ray decided that,  in order to answer the question,  Macedonians would need to be in contact with a person with HIV knowingly.

So we put by-passers from Skopje City Park in a situation of physical contact with an HIV positive person.

A young gentleman serving coffee was wearing a t-shirt saying “I am HIV positive.

We included a participant who acted as if she was in the

line for coffee, pointing out that the person serving has HIV.

How would people react in such a situation?

#INdAIR - dAIR Video Campaign

The three videos produced by Savion Ray aimed to present the project and showcasing its full potential. The first one explained the basics of the project; the second focused on best practices and ideas that were explored by partners and members, to reduce CO2 emissions; the third showed how cooperation was at the heart of the dAIR project.

These videos, shown during over 20 events, guaranteed very good visibility to the

project, especially in the countries of the members and partners.

Electronics have become a very important part of our lives. Every day, we keep upgrading to newer, faster gadgets. The result? More and more electronic waste, all around the world. In 2016, around 44.7 Million tons of electronic waste were created: this is equivalent to the weight of 4 500 Eiffel towers.

Savion Ray produced a video documentary for GIZ, explaining why we need more rules regulating the e-waste

  • Documentary Direction

  • Script Writing

  • Video Editing

  • Animation


1 in 10 people worldwide have dyslexia. The other 9 have no idea of what it’s like to have this condition. Savion Ray worked with Dyslexia International and conducted a social experiment, to raise awareness on the topic.

  • Social Experiment

  • Video Campaign

  • Script Writing

  • Creative Concept

We have create additional videos showcasing interviews with experts on following topics:

  • Why is product design important for plastics recycling?
  • Why is it important to correctly dispose of electronic waste?
  • What is Circular Economy?
  • What are the environmental benefits of recycling plastics from e-waste?
  • What should consumer expect from recycled plastics’ quality and