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Sangre is a full-service digital design and software development agency from Helsinki, Finland. We work through strategy, design and engineering to create excellent, scalable digital services that drive growth in our clients' business.

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Helsinki, Finland
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Trainers' House BEAT mobile app Image

Trainers' House BEAT mobile app

We have been continuously developing BEAT mobile application - the digital tool to aid the overall change management framework created by Trainers' House. 

Vivago MOBILE app design Image

Vivago MOBILE app design

We designed the UX and UI of a mobile application that monitors the wellbeing of elderly users. 

Yamarin and Yamarin Cross websites Image

Yamarin and Yamarin Cross websites

We created websites for two brands, Yamarin and Yamarin Cross, as part of our client's brand renewal. The websites drive growth by turning users into high-quality leads. We distinguished the two unique brands in the digital space by creating a design system for each.

Jokerit mobile app Image

Jokerit mobile app

We created a mobile app for Jokerit ice hockey team to engage fans between and during games and boost ticket sales.

Futures Platform SaaS tool Image

Futures Platform SaaS tool

We created a SaaS platform that is the core of our startup client's business. The platform is a web-based trend map that helps organizations form a holistic view of their future and make reasoned strategic choices in a changing world.

Buster website Image

Buster website

We designed and built a website for Buster Boats, the leading Nordic manufacturer of aluminium boats.