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San Interactive is a premier design agency. Our mission is to provide unique, exciting, and user-friendly design in the most cost effective way for you. We provide our services to a large spectrum of corporations, by being experts in all types of interactive products such as websites, presentations, demos, eye catchers, mobile, GUI, and more.

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Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


Atrium Responsive Website Image

Atrium Responsive Website

Atrium asked us to design and develop their company website. We focussed on providing relevant information about the company, stock information & properties and implemented the website with custom UI, GUI & Full UX process including Design, HTML5 solution & implementation process (client side).

IDC Student Portal Image

IDC Student Portal

IDC asked us to create a friendly tool providing all necessary information to its students. We made a new student portal for desktop and smartphone, providing personal information by creating a responsive portal based on IDC brand guidelines, including integration with 3rd party platforms.



 VO needed a cool look after developing and recruiting a budget for its next step. We created a slick and elegant graphic interface for the VO leading product in various form by designing GUI for VO’s iPad, iPhone & Android applications.

EMC UX - Ipad App Image

EMC UX - Ipad App

EMC needed new platforms to enable their clients to work with its innovative products. We started by understanding EMC’s products and client’s needs and started to think of new ways to display the client's final information on several platforms and technologies (mainly an iPad App, usind Flex technology for PC’s).

Alony Hetz HTML5 Presentation Image

Alony Hetz HTML5 Presentation

Alony Hetz needed a clear, simple & sophisticated document about their company. We created a cutting edge presentation including interactive charts and a navigation menu by planning & executing an HTML5 presentation that can be used on any devices over the web, or can be downloaded as an APP on any tablet.

Allot Communications Image

Allot Communications

A custom-made multi-platform responsive website that showcases Allot's diverse line of network intelligence and security solutions, while focussing on simplifying complex product concepts that suits Allot's company strategy.



A Flash movie, based on full animation, created for Cisco with unique illustration & voice over presented at the GSMA Mobile World Congress.

Starhome Mach Image

Starhome Mach

A new, responsive design website that provides a user experience flow that leads the user to relevant products based on specific needs across multiple devices, while maintaining a design that aligns with the Starhome Mach brand.

Ceva Image


A clear cut and easy accessible website where we kept navigation as simple as possible. We created a visually pleasing and user-friendly experience across a multitude of devices with forward-thinking responsive design.

XM Cyber Image

XM Cyber

A unique Responsive marketing website that reflects the new brand accompanied with integrated interactive forms.

Lupa Image


A mobile app that helps the user to create a printed photo album based on personal photos. We did it by providing a full spec for wireframes, researching the process and creating the most relevant UX for each stage.