Acquire ideal clients for your agency

We help software houses and agencies from the CEE region get more international clients, design their sales process and scale their agency.

Most agencies get about 70-100% of their deals through referrals. It's easy to screw up the workflow and give client acquisition a lower priority, but it’s also important to be acquiring new leads and clients to build a predictable lead generation channel.

Without a clear strategy and goals, it is not possible to know what works and what doesn’t work and a lot of agencies make the mistake of implementing tactics before having an account based marketing strategy in place.

We're very familiar with the software house/agency business. We've built numerous campaigns in the past that brought in 6 figure deals for our clients and this is our process:

1. Marketing Assessment
The assessment is designed to help you understand, create, and sustain an account-based marketing strategy with a specific plan for growth. This includes positioning your agency to attract high-value clients, doing customer interviews and redesigning your case studies.

2. Generating Qualified Leads
Once we're done with the assessment, we can start generating sales-qualified meetings with your ideal clients. We start with outbound sales, and after some time we can start implementing inbound marketing channel like attending specific conferences and optimizing your Clutch profile.

3. Sales Support
After we book you enough meetings, we will support you throughout your sales process. We can help you run discovery and proposal calls, implement a CRM system or build an in-house sales team for your agency.
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