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Sachi Studio is managed and owned by Dean Hua. I have 9 years of digital marketing. 4 years of paid search marketing. And more than a million dollars managed in ad spend in my career. Clients hire me as they prefer a senior level paid search strategist working on their campaign. This, versus having a junior level employee at a large agency who is trying to just get experience with your hard earned money. 



I've worked across many verticals including SaaS, real estate, and legal. Some glamorous, some not so glamorous. The diversity allows me to quickly adapt to new business model types without a hitch.

1 to 1. Not 1 to Many

If you prefer a personal relationship with your strategist rather than dealing with multiple layers of management, I'm your guy.

$50 - $99 / hr
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Rockville, MD


Key clients: 

Every Client Is A Key Client

Everyone gets the same attention from me. I don't ignore a client just because his ad spend is a couple thousand dollars compared to the guy who spends $10K.