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As Brand Experience Engineers, our mission is to create transformational brand experiences for some of the UK’s leading brands including Lloyds Banking Group, British Gas, BBC, Macmillan, the AA, British Red Cross, Royal Mail and Aviva.

Most recently, we've been named The Drum’s #1 Elite agency for design and its #4 Elite agency for digital 2016, and in The Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies.

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Key clients: 

Lloyds Banking Group, AA, Aviva, British Gas, Royal Mail, Anglia Ruskin University, London Business School, BBC, O2, Stagecoach, John Lewis, British Gas, The Gym Group, Ministry of Defence, British Red Cross

The Gym Group: Bringing flexible fitness to over half a million people Image

The Gym Group: Bringing flexible fitness to over half a million people

The challenge: One of the main challenges The Gym Group faced was differentiating themselves within a crowded market. They needed to make sure their products offered a clear, distinctive identity with a powerful message. One that would attract new customers, engage brand enthusiasts and motivate them to act. But their technical platform held them back. Our visionary thinking: To engineer a technical platform that was as
flexible as The Gym Group’s membership, we completed a platform selection. We selected Episerver because of the CMS and functional blend, coupled with robust underlying technology. Through interfaces supporting high levels of personalisation driven from our custom API framework, we could serve the visitors, members and employees with ease. Our detailed doing: A cloud licensing model meant we could design an elastic Azure based infrastructure to deliver a high performing and very high availability channel. Hosted across two European Azure regions and fronted by a CDN, we delivered a scaling primary solution and a dynamic DR failover. This is imperative for this business-critical platform because it provides members with access to the gyms via their digitally-activated membership and unique passcode for entry. Testimonial: The successful development and implementation of our proprietary software layer is game-changing for us in terms of Customer Experience. It gives us control over a critical component of our digital infrastructure, allowing us to develop product and proposition enhancements at our own speed. This ability is already paying dividends, allowing us to bring a major proposition enhancement to market only 3 months after we launched the new platform. This ability to rapidly innovate and refine will become a major point of differentiation. Jasper McIntosh CIOThe Gym Group
Aggreko: Creating a global web platform for a world class solutions provider Image

Aggreko: Creating a global web platform for a world class solutions provider

Problem: Aggreko, the global energy solutions supplier, encountered increasing challenges in the digital space. Customers and visitors to the website struggled to understand who Aggreko was and exactly what they did. The regional sites were so inconsistent, it was like dealing with disparate entities, depending on where you were in the world. Solution: We've delivered a responsive web solution on the Sitecore Experience
Platform that gives a customer-centric experience through dynamic personalisation and marketing automation based on behavioural, sector, and geographical segmentation. With better organised information to improve the user journey through ease of navigation, and complemented with a new look and feel that reflects their pioneering business, Aggreko will be better placed to compete with their competitors. Testimonial: Rufus Leonard understood our challenges and attacked each one head on. Our teams are proud of the new look and feel, and are excited for the future development we have in store. Dave Palmer Head of Group MarketingAggreko
British Gas: Delivering a vision for customer experience Image

British Gas: Delivering a vision for customer experience

Problem: British Gas is the UK's leading energy and home services provider, serving 12 million households. Its ambition is to move from being a transactional utility to a trusted brand. Over the last 5 years, we have worked with them to create a vision and the relevant services that would enable this shift to happen. Solution: We worked with British Gas to bring the vision to life with an emotive film to inspire and guide the
business. We then set about designing a pipeline of services that would enable this to happen. We helped create EnergySmart - a free, online service that lets customers manage their energy usage and payments with bill alerts and personalised usage charts. Based on the needs of millennial house-sharers we created an entirely new service sub-brand called ME Mobile Energy. We created a Salesforce-based tablet tool for the engineers. This enabled engineers to deliver better customer experience. We have applied the same market leading UX thinking to the British Gas consumer and business websites.
Stagecoach: A world-class travel experience Image

Stagecoach: A world-class travel experience

Problem: Stagecoach had an ambition to deliver a world-class travel experience to local bus users. This meant creating an online experience that varied widely in pricing, marketing and content across its 18 different operating companies. They aimed to leverage new technology to prevent any barriers that could stop potential customers travelling by bus, and by doing so, positioning Stagecoach as the most valuable journey
companion. Solution: We set out to create a customer facing digital platform that would be accessible to all users, whatever the age, whoever the passenger. We made real-time use a priority to tackle any anxiety regarding bus travel. We used customers’ locations to personalise the online experience and deliver up-to-date timetable information, allowing passengers to easily plan their journey or locate specific services. We also made buying and using a ticket a simple extension of the platform, facilitating multiple payment options including purchasing and redeeming tickets via the on-bus payment 'SmartCard', further ensuring that all customers can travel with ease. Despite the complexity of the back-end with 50 different APIs, our service-orientated architecture solution means that Stagecoach has a single service layer for business scalability. As a Sitecore Gold Partner, we could fully utilise the cutting edge Sitecore platform to deliver greater content flexibility and cross channel personalisation. Testimonial: This project represents the next step in an on-going journey towards technology driven, customer-centricity, part of a realistic schedule of longer term development. Alistair Smith Commercial DirectorStagecoach Group
London Business School: A new school of thought Image

London Business School: A new school of thought

The challenge: Despite being ranked number one business school in Europe for five consecutive years, and its status as one of the world’s leading business schools. London Business School faces aggressive competition from traditional business schools and new entrants delivering learning programmes online. Alongside this, the brand identity lacked distinctiveness and the website had become dated and inconsistent in its use of the
brand over time. Our visionary thinking: To support London Business School’s future growth, we needed to deliver a much more compelling and coherent brand and digital experience for both B2C and B2B audiences. An experience that felt premium, dynamic and ownable. To achieve this, there were two main objectives; demonstrate the School’s point of difference, heritage and impact, and create an onsite experience able to educate, inform, engage and excite. Our detailed doing: Rufus Leonard worked with the London Business School development team as part of a blended, co-located team delivery approach. To deliver maximum efficiency, we reskinned the wider London Business School website in parallel to rolling out the new brand identity. This was complemented by a redesign and rebuild of the Executive Education section, implemented on Sitecore and with greater functionality. To ensure the new Executive Education section made an impact it included over 40 components with a new search function powered by Coveo. Testimonial: Working hand-in-hand with Rufus Leonard to modernise our brand and optimise our digital experience has been fundamental in continuing to demonstrate the impact that London Business School has on the way the world does business. Together, we’ve created a brand experience that feels premium, dynamic and ownable. We are delighted to see a more consistent and compelling expression of the London Business School experience that builds on our rich academic heritage and the strength of our global community. Julie Davidson CMOLondon B
British Red Cross: Helping Britain turn kindness into action Image

British Red Cross: Helping Britain turn kindness into action

The challenge: The British Red Cross exist to create a world where everyone gets the help they need in a crisis. But over time, the website had grown too big - reaching more than 4,000 pages - and it was confusing to use. Our challenge was to not only build a better website, but to create a digital experience that showcased the British Red Cross putting kindness into action. Our visionary thinking: We wanted to inspire and grow
the supporter network, promoting how the organisation puts kindness to work and is building a more humane world. Our detailed doing: With a thorough understanding of the diverse target audience and their needs, we set about creating a website that was inherently task-focused. With content that promotes clarity and uses storytelling to motivate action, we made the new experience inclusive and accessible, specifically for those in need at a time of crisis.
AA: Revitalising the mobile service Image

AA: Revitalising the mobile service

The challenge: The AA is one of the UK’s most respected, trusted and recognizable brands – a champion of the British motorist for over 100 years. But the AA’s digital world had suffered from historical under-investment, and a fragmented structure that didn’t reflect their customers’ needs. Our visionary thinking: As part of a bigger body of work to define and implement an extraordinary membership experience (MX) we created a MX
blueprint. This showed a holistic view of the entire customer journey and mapped viable solutions for where to improve MX. The first of these began with The AA’s mobile app. The AA were the third largest publisher of content in the UK, but in the fast paced, always-on world that we live in today, we needed to reduce the noise that was building around the 60+ app estate and condense the mass amount of content produced into one single hero-app. Our detailed doing: We created one single app that combined the best features, content and navigations from the wider estate into one, that became ‘the ideal driving companion’ and valued by its customers. It was designed well both from a creative and user experience perspective so that it was easy to navigate and members could find the information they needed quickly.
BBC Bitesize: Sparking imaginations Image

BBC Bitesize: Sparking imaginations

The Challenge: Do you remember BBC Bitesize? If you are a UK millennial, then chances are you do. 80% of secondary school students and 40% of primary school students use Bitesize, making it the most popular dedicated educational site in the UK. Bitesize covers 329 subjects, with 9,137 study guides and over 5,000 videos. For nearly 20 years, BBC Bitesize has been the go-to online resource for generations of students preparing for
their exams. But with the changing digital landscape and the expanding age range of its userbase, the brand needed to evolve. The BBC tasked Rufus Leonard with creating a personalised and progression-based brand, future-proofed to evolve while delivering a rewarding experience for learning of all ages and abilities. Our visionary thinking: Through an audit of the brand’s history and research into its variety of audiences, we uncovered three key insights: the colour orange stimulates mental activity, a brand with movement moves people to learn, and ‘bite-sized’ needs to be just that. These understandings helped guide our thinking for the new core brand model underpinning the experience. We mapped the brand against the needs of the range of learner types, using different features and assets that would automatically flex elements of the brand and visual identity. We also focused on a combination of consistent visual anchors like the brand mark and art direction to create the best experience for each individual learner. Our detailed doing Working in partnership with the BBC’s in-house UX team, we developed an experience framework that could accurately reflect the new brand experience and provide the structure required for a successful creative development. It resulted in consistent typography and structure across the site, but iconography and colours that change depending on the age of the user. Delivering a completely redesigned Bitesize platform, with a new logo, a bespoke font, a new tone of voice & colour palette.
British Gas Depot: Empowering 2,000 engineers Image

British Gas Depot: Empowering 2,000 engineers

Problem: British Gas has one of the largest mobile workforces in the country, which presents them with the challenge of communicating with and motivating engineers who often feel disconnected from the rest of the organisation. Solution: To help tackle this, we designed and built a solution that delivered services via the engineers’ iPads, integrated with SalesForce. The app not only encapsulated all the content in the sales
manuals and brochures, but it also acted as a communication hub for those on the move.
O2: Rufus reinvents data capture Image

O2: Rufus reinvents data capture

Problem: O2 is one of the leading telecoms brands in the UK. Many of the services it offers involve using customer data - which provides great opportunity as well as responsibility. The introduction of new government legislation means that companies like O2 now have to be transparent about the data they hold and how they will use it. Solution: We applied our Rufus reinvents process to rapidly design and prototype service ideas
that would encourage people to share more data. These services were explicit about how the data enhanced the service. For example, we revealed exclusive local offers should a customer give us their location data.
Lloyds Bank: Rebranding a banking icon Image

Lloyds Bank: Rebranding a banking icon

Problem: The financial crisis of 2007-8 dealt a major blow to people's faith in banks. Lloyds' return to the high street gave us a big opportunity to respond. To rebuild trust, we decided to draw on the bank's long history of supporting the people, businesses and communities of Britain. To drive further trust, we also had to ensure the bank’s retail, commercial and private banking divisions acted consistently. Solution: We
brought all communications together across the bank’s three divisions (Retail, Commercial, Private) with a strong masterbrand and clear, multi-channel guidelines. We refreshed every aspect of the bank's identity, from the logo and typeface to branch fascias and in-store literature. In order to ensure the bank's divisions act consistently we launched the brand's first ever experience principles: Smart, Empowering and Reassuring. Testimonial: "This has been a truly phenomenal couple of years. I have nothing but complete admiration and respect for what you guys have done and continue to do for us." Alex Lane Head of Brand Identity | Brand Portfolio Strategy | Brands & MarketingLloyds Banking Group