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ROI Amplified is a full-service marketing agency located in Tampa, Florida. A  proud Google Partner agency, ROI Amplified specializes in custom digital marketing solutions. 

ROI Amplified acts as an internal marketing team for their clients, not an outside marketing agency. We handle all solutions in house and do not outsource! We believe in transparency, education, and data-driven decision making! If your company wants the expertise and trust of an in-house marketing team without the high costs of salaries, ROI Amplified is the partner for you!

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Tampa, FL
  • 201 E. Kennedy Blvd, Suite 1450
    Tampa, FL 33602
    United States


Key clients: 

Buddy's Home Furnishings MedBest

Merging Email and Print Campaigns Image

Merging Email and Print Campaigns

Buddy's Home Furnishings has about 300 locations across the united states, many of them franchisees. 

ROI Amplified is tasked with running their email and automation programs. We presented Buddy's with an opportunity to merge their print and email programs through Marketo. 

The result? A large decrease in print spending, with an increase in sales! By only sending print materials to those potential clients that

don't react to digital initiatives we not only saved money but also drove many more sales that we would have missed out if we had only focused on email.
ROI Amplified saves blaster $10,000 in 3 months Image

ROI Amplified saves blaster $10,000 in 3 months

Blasters approached ROI Amplified with the task of auditing and correcting their Google Ads campaigns. In full transparency, they didn't know what they were getting. 

ROI Amplified discovered that 64% of their budget was wasted on fraud clicks. After implementing our process we not only saved Blasters $10,000 in fraud clicks, we also delivered a couple of clients that will pay for their marketing for years to


To ensure transparency ROI Amplified implemented our suite of call tracking, 24/7 live report, and form submissions to show Blasters exactly what they were getting down to the penny.

Control Logics has click fraud problem Image

Control Logics has click fraud problem

Control Logics was a client that left and came back to ROI Amplified recently. We had great success running their Paid-per-click advertising through Google Ads. 

They decided to try to handle it in-house but quickly came back to let us manage their Google Ads account. 

Upon getting back into their account we realized they were suffering from rampant click fraud and wrong searches. We corrected their issues and

drive two leads within hours of cleaning up their account!


TelleWellness MD eyes the future Image

TelleWellness MD eyes the future

Telewellness MD offers patient support as well as sells numerous health products. As a Full-service client, ROI Amplified handles all of their marketing from Social to emails and everything in between. 

They continue to grow at furious pace with ROI Amplified!

Teaza Grows by 1000% Image

Teaza Grows by 1000%

Teaza Energy approached ROI Amplified with the intention of us taking over all of their marketing. As a full-service client Teaza grew over 1000% in their first year with ROI Amplified. You'll soon see them in every gas station in America, Walmart and Amazon. 

ROI Amplified now handles even their print and Point of Sale Marketing as well!

Google Ads: Driving Inbound Leads Image

Google Ads: Driving Inbound Leads

Dex Imaging's sales department is still outbound driven. ROI Amplified implemented some inbound marketing initiatives through Google Advertising.

Branding and Website Update Image

Branding and Website Update

Located in downtown St Petersburg, FL, Integrated Care Clinic is an outpatient mental health practice that employs multiple psychologists, a registered dietitian nutritionist, and a psychiatrist. ICC operates based on the belief that integrating mental health, psychiatric care, and nutritional/wellness services produces the best outcomes and provides the most effective approach to caring for people with mild to severe mental

health needs. They treat clients of all ages, offering confidential individual therapy, family therapy, couples counseling, group therapy, nutrition, and psychiatry services to meet the needs of each of our clients.