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RINF TECH provides complete software customisation for organizations that are committed to growth through joining on the advances brought by the digital trends. RINF TECH has assets in:

=> Embedded works for automotive, CCTV, robotics, do check out

=> Computer vision with full image processing

=> IoT platforms, integration, billing, sensor PCB design & simulators

=> Machine Learning on top of the regular stuff for enhancing features and deciding among the most profitable integrations

The company was founded in 2006 and has a knack for outstanding IT performance. At RINF TECH many top performers from academia have found a second home with the purpose of providing exceptionally managed software design.

With over 400 employees in 6 offices & 3 delivery centres, RINF Tech is growing exponentially from London, Berlin, Paris, Kiev, Sofia, and Bucharest. Our core offerings, defined through years of delivering top solutions and best practices for our clients, span Programme Management, Research and Development, Software Development, Quality Assurance and Technical Support.

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Key clients: 

Metro Group







Embedded Computer Vision System Image

Embedded Computer Vision System

Powerful computer vision software performs icon and text recognition as well as response time measurement. Out of the box, MATT comes equipped with two high performance cameras designed for machine vision applications. One of these cameras is mounted on the effector while the other is fixed and used for device monitoring.


CCTV Analytics Image

CCTV Analytics

Using stream cameras and video analytics servers (which include Facial Recognition, Queue Detector, People Counter, Activity Visualizer and Analytics system package for retail), RINF TECH has developed this solution to map each client's needs and solve even the most demanding requests.

The retail analytics application can help you:

  • Get better insight about the customers that enter your
store with gender and age breakdown
  • Improve your service by analyzing queue data and act immediately
  • Better understand customer patterns by using direction and heatmap analysis
  • IoT Device Management  Image

    IoT Device Management

    Using various IoT sensors and a global MNO/MVNO network, the platform enables carriers to collect information about the location of asset, what are the transport conditions (humidity, temperature) and how the asset is handled during the entire transport (if the package was dropped or opened).

    Cloud Generic with Edge Computing Image

    Cloud Generic with Edge Computing

    Disruptive solution for the logistics industry the platform provides a real-time parcel tracking device and service that allows users to track the location, security and condition of their shipments (if the package is too hot or cold, if it gets wet, if it is opened, if it's been dropped or tilted and where this happened) regardless of the scale, country or carrier.

    Our client needed a technology partner to develop the

    software platform and ensure top performance and scalability as the business was growing. As they were ending the first phase of software prototyping and development, that had successfully attracted investors and demonstrated the capabilities of the platform, the company was looking for a provider that could get their product to the enterprise level.
    Task Management Dashboard Image

    Task Management Dashboard

    The goal of Dashboard Project is to provide an internal software solution allowing easy information access for all employees. Additionally, it will serve as a portal initiating all internal applications. Dashboard Project provides centralized and easy access to all internal information.

    As your business grows, you need a solution for managing employees, for storing information and easy communication between departments.

    We are here to help you obtain it with our white label product! Happy to have you on board
    Vid.Supervisor Image


    RINF TECH and its partners are working together to develop a solution rooted in the latest Machine Learning and video analytics trends. The main purpose is to vastly decrease the amount of time necessary for codifying a video, while improving the overall accuracy of the process.

    Vid.Supervisor is a machine-learning model that runs over a video to identify and tag behaviors.

    Thermal Vision Thoughbook Image

    Thermal Vision Thoughbook

    Our Client’s Toughbook division wanted to provide a solution that uses their tablet and thermal sensor in order to identify water leakage in the field.

    By pointing the tablet at the ground, the application (using the thermal sensors) would detect leakage in areas with water pipes and send this info together with the geo coordinates to the cloud.

    A technician would be able to walk for miles a day with the tablet

    pointed to the ground and data would be gathered in the cloud infrastructure that will eventually get assembled into a detailed report.
    Machine Learning (natural language translator) Image

    Machine Learning (natural language translator)

    The team has been working and analyzing both the high-level model topology (Python code) and the low-level architecture layers, in order to optimize a neural net-based system for the inference step – the actual translation execution.

    We used C++ and Assembly to optimize a network topology that translates text from one language to another. We optimized the code for the latest Intel CPU Sky-lake architecture

    Xeon. Moreover, we started working to implement support for the next generation of CPUs, in order to achieve an even higher speed/accuracy optimization.