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Innovation and staying ahead of the curve is the key to success when it comes to doing business. But we understand that for many growing companies in the UK it can be hard to source the technical talent needed to constantly innovate given the current skills shortage the sector is facing.

However Asian countries that are experiencing a technology boom have a glut of high quality software engineers, many of whom have experience of working in the UK.

So, how can fast growing, innovative and ambitious SME’s take advantage of this talent when it’s based overseas?

That’s where we come in. Based in Manchester, Rezaid (UK) forms one half of an exclusive partnership with its sister company, Rezaid (Asia). Together, they provide bespoke software development and digital marketing services to close the productivity gap of high growth UK SMEs. Sharing a single ownership, both halves of the partnership benefit from a common operational structure, and the free flow of staff and ideas from within the UK and Asia. Our unique in-shoring model.

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Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Manchester Technology Centre Oxford Road
    Manchester M1 1AD
    United Kingdom
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Key clients: 

Work Mobile, SS7 Clothing, Holy Dates, QSustain, System88

Holy Lands Image

Holy Lands

E-commerce WordPress site dedicated to not only selling dates but different travel packages.

Streamlining Horticulture Operations Image

Streamlining Horticulture Operations

A horticulture firm has been using a costly, 3rd party service portal to manage its operations in different regions that gave limited information access to users. Rezaid provided a bespoke software to help them manage operational information in a more controlled way leading to cost-saving as well.


Using Angular Technology for a Data Capture Application Image

Using Angular Technology for a Data Capture Application

An award-winning mobile data capture application, enables employees working remotely to capture all essential business data on a user-friendly form. Rezaid used Angular technology to incorporate a vital update on the app and its web interface.


System88 – Food Safety Management Solution Image

System88 – Food Safety Management Solution

In order to digitally transform the operations of its clients, Rezaid helped System88 by providing bespoke, real-time food safety and hygiene management solution, completely replacing the outdated and time-consuming manual system.


Office daily task Management System Image

Office daily task Management System

Dot Net based Task Management system.

WorkMobile: Award-Winning Data Capture Service Image

WorkMobile: Award-Winning Data Capture Service

eSAY Solutions, a UK-based business, delivers an award-winning mobile data capture service, called WorkMobile. It provides businesses with a flexible application that allows users to create mobile forms relevant to a specific job at hand – including site inspections, retail audits and stock checks, employee timesheets, health and safety forms, and

site surveys for all workers.


Digital Prototyping for QSustain Image

Digital Prototyping for QSustain

QSustain is a consultancy firm that offers sustainable solutions and strategic support to several industries and sectors. Rezaid developed a digital prototype for QSustain enabling it to streamline the process of on-site mobile data collection and reporting.


Custom PHP Project Image

Custom PHP Project

Custom PHP site development and designing.

SS7 Clothing Brand Image

SS7 Clothing Brand

SS7 Clothing is a successful on-line retail clothing business trading exclusively on 3rd party platforms. To create SS7’s independent brand, Rezaid designed, built and launched their bespoke e-commerce website and implemented a research-based, target-led SEO, content creation, social media -including paid Ads-

and email marketing growth programme.



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Web Design & Development for Charity & Nonprofit

"The journey was educational and professional."

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The Project
Less than $10,000
Jan. - Aug. 2019
Project summary: 

Rezaid redesigned and developed the website of a nonprofit and charity. They were tasked with doing a complete overhaul of the client's digital presence — particularly focusing on UX, branding, and load speed.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
London, United Kingdom
Geoff Thompson MBE FRSA DL
Founder and Chair, Youth Charter
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Rezaid successfully revamped the client's robust platform. The new site boasts faster loading times, better navigation, and a drastically improved UX/UI. The team met all the key milestones and maintained excellent communication. The constant availability of the project manager was a huge benefit.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I am the Co-founder and Chair of The Youth Charter, a UK registered charity and UN accredited non-governmental organisation. We address social issues such as educational non-attainment, health, inequality and anti-social behaviour amongst disaffected, disenfranchised and disillusioned youth, focusing our efforts on sustainable human development.

I am responsible for developing the charity’s strategic vision and overall design, development and implementation of our projects and programmes nationally and internationally.


For what projects/services did your company hire Rezaid?

In order to deliver our service efficiently, we required an improved, stronger online presence. The existing website was deemed to be an obstacle that hindered the progress of the organisation. Its interface lacked user-friendliness, the web design and layout lacked aesthetics, web navigation was difficult, design was non-responsive, and content management of a vast amount of data was required.

Furthermore, the website’s overall technical performance was poor. Amongst other things, it suffered from a high load time. By re-developing the site we will have the opportunity to engage effectively with all key stakeholders. We had limited internal resources to address the challenges.

What were your goals for this project?

We partnered with Rezaid to completely overhaul our online presence so the user experience in terms of ease of navigation, branding, load speed and on-going website maintenance could match our charity’s otherwise phenomenal service.


How did you select this vendor?

I originally met the founder and CEO of Rezaid, Dr. Moneeb Awan during the time he was President of The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. I initially discussed the project with him which led to a broader conversation that included their project manager and team members.

Their combined knowledge, passion and technical capabilities in the interview process demonstrated that the overall quality of their work would be high. The selection process was handled by myself and my Executive Administrator, Janice Argyle

Describe the project and the services they provided in detail.

The website had fallen into a state of decay. Rezaid re-built it from scratch rather than redesign the existing one. The web designers took the voluminous content we supplied from the old website and developed a strategy to re-design and develop it in a manner that would be clear, concise, consistent and attractive.

Our logo colours were retained and built out into a vibrant colour palette, which was incorporated throughout the entire website – introducing uniformity and seamlessness into the overall design. Modern UI and UX techniques were used to display text to improve navigation and engagement rates.

Moreover, the design was made responsive using bootstrap 4, making it adaptable to any device or screen size which helps in increasing mobile traffic and lowering the bounce rate. Rezaid used NGINX as the web server, CDN, SSL to make the website more secure, a market-leading WordPress CMS, and a web host powered by Google Cloud.

The hosting site incorporates server level caching for a quick website load speed, PHP 7.3, and MariaDB for more storage engines and faster performance. My role throughout was to review progress against agreed milestones and provide critical feedback.

What was the team composition?

A number of resources from team Rezaid were involved in the project. This included 2 UI/UX specialists for digital prototyping, 3 back-end developers for php coding, 2 front-end developers responsible for the websites interface coding and 1 content writer. Our main point of contact throughout was the designated project manager.


Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business?

Our new website was launched on time and it is a significant improvement on the previous site in all aspects including performance – with a low loading time, better navigation and layout, organised content management and overall a user-friendly interface. The results have exceeded our expectations and the positive feedback we have had continues to support this assertion.

How was project management arranged and how effective was it?

The team at Rezaid are proactive, they met the project deadlines and there was never any delay. Communication was primarily through video conferencing tools eg Zoom, instant messaging and emails. Local (Manchester based) meetings were held upon reaching key milestones.

Even though Rezaid’s operational team is based off-shore, time differences did not negatively impact the project. Having its UK headquarters in Manchester further helped the process, and meant we always received clear and timely responses to any queries we raised.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

From developing an agreed strategy with a clear vision for design changes built into a time bound implementation plan, the journey was educational and professional. Rezaid advised where required and worked with a professional attention to detail in order to realise our vision. Rezaid’s designated Project Manager was available 24/7, a fact that differentiates them from other vendors.

Are there any areas for improvement?

The experience with Rezaid has been satisfying. I can’t point to anything specifically that we should have done differently.

The site capabilities have built with our future plans in mind. Now that we have entered phase 2 of the relationship – the research based, target-led digital marketing phase –we are confident the outreach plans we have will also deliver strong results. I can only highly recommend working with Rezaid.

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