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Bratislava, Slovakia
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    Bratislava, BR 821 07


Key clients: 

O2, Slovak Fashion Council, Slovak-American Foundation, Gas Benzinol, BeInTouch, Wasteno, Slovak Student Elections, Startstop.sk, Dom Rafael, C-Sunshine, Abakis.

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BeInTouch is an online social-network app generator, to help influencers interact with their audience. The system consist of the app generator and distributed cloud server solution for proper backend functioning of each app.

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O2 Dobrá Jazda

O2 Dobrá Jazda is an enterprise system for efficient rides sharing between colleagues. 

After implementation of the DobraJazda.sk CO2 emissions dropped by 1369 kilograms per month and employees started to travel more efficiently reducing the number of cars used per business trip. An unexpected outcome was an increase in productivity during traveling times. Before, most of the employees

drove their vehicles, whereas now 1 of them is driving and the rest can work during the travel. You can see how the metrics compare in the table below.
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PollApp is a software solution for easier processing of answers from public surveys.

Android based app, PollApp reassures companies, who use questionnaires, that the data they acclaimed are relevant and can help with the development of their projects. The app is also fully adjustable to client's needs. PollApp is a system that lets people fill out questionnaires in electronic form.

Later the system evaluates the answers avoiding any inaccuracies that might occur during manual counting.
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Fashion Map Slovakia