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Red Apple Technologies, a popular mobile game and app development company is a trendsetter in the domain of creating new age entertainment. We create diverse apps and games belonging to multiple genres using the latest technologies.

Within a span of 8 long years we as a renowned mobile app development company have been successful in serving people across the globe by catering to several industries like health care, social media, e-commerce, education, fashion, telecommunication, retail, hospitality etc. You can hire our skilled mobile app and game developers to experience our diverse services in AR, VR games and app development, IoT, Cloud Computing, ASO, Art and design, UI/UX etc.

Our developers are highly experienced in delivering customized services for making apps and games across all major platforms-Android, iOS, and others.

Our esteemed services include the following:

  • Cross Platform Apps and Games Development
  • Unique Art and Design
  • Amazing UI and UX
  • Dedicated Hiring
  • Digital Branding
  • Enterprise Solutions
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Vasco Games, Play Hub, Pogo, Stark Games, Zapak, Government of West Bengal, Spil Games, Games2Win

Royal Master Kingdom Clash

This is an imaginary game concept art work which reflects rivalries between kingdoms. It gives a reel feel to get engaged in war like situations. It creates an unique appeal for the players who love to play action games with intense excitement and interaction.

Legend of Battle Force

The Legend of Battle Force is actually an action genre game created using VR controlling techniques. The controls and techniques of this game can make any gamers experience the magic of surreal VR environment. It combines the look and feel of battle ground to create an adrenaline rush for the players.

Club 21 Marriage

Club 21 Marriage is an entertaining and fun game of cards for the people of Nepal. From the name itself, it is well understood that this game is played during marriage occasion. You can play this game in a sequence of 3 cards. It means that you need to arrange 21 cards in 7 different sets. Each set will contain 3 cards arranged sequentially. The player who can arrange the sequence first will be the winner. This game can

also fetch you money if you have maximum jokers in your pack.

Fishing Deep Sea Simulator 3D

Grab your rod and weigh anchor, we’re setting sail for an island tour of the best fishing waters in the world. Are you ready for the rigors of deep-sea fishing? Can you handle the challenge of Fishing Deep Sea Simulator 3D? Each challenging level gets harder and harder, with bigger and bigger fish, while the time you’re given to hook them gets squeezed. We root out all the amateur fishers as we go through the levels.

Are you up to the challenge? Can you make it all the way to the end and call yourself a pro fisherman?

Bow Hunter

Now hunt deer in the American Northwest and Southwest. White tail, black tail, and mule deer roam the plains and mountains in BH 2017! Improved Deer flight responses, upgraded arrow flight, camo effects emphasized and improved, full tournaments in both western terrains!The deer in the simulation are easily spooked and will run quickly from the hunter if the hunter does not use the proper bow hunting techniques. The

simulation contains over 200 hunts, with increasing difficulty, requiring better and better equipment, techniques, and hunting expertise.

Gunship Battle AIR Force 3D

With this game you can experience a ghastly battle against your enemy army who came to attack and plunder your homeland. So, it’s time to drive your fighter and give those enemies a fatal blow. Show off your superb shooting skills and driving skills! Be the strongest air warlord with absolute power!

Mainstar Games

Mainstar Games is an immersive and a competitive game created using Unity for engaging the targeted gamers in solving word puzzles. Here the participants or the gamers need to spin the giant carnival wheel for playing and can win cash and prizes. Log in credentials are provided using which the contestants can get an entry into playing this game. The players need to deposit an amount for entry purpose. The prize amount

is divided into three ratios-1:9, 1:7 and 1:5. The actual prize amount is however decided by the service provider.

ThemePark Mania

Theme park mania is a bundle of entertainment and fun where your skills are tested in crushing candies. Relive the carnival atmosphere by competing and completing different levels with theme park mania match 3 level games that isn’t just a puzzle but a spectacular fun journey into fantasy land.Theme park mania is a free game featured with stunning colored candy visuals, engaging gameplay and smooth mechanics that will

keep you hooked onto your phone.

Barber Shop Simulator

Barber Shop Simulator 3d lets you play out the fantasy life of a top-level barber! Work your way through twenty five tough levels that increases in difficulty with every new customer that walks through your doors!You'll be scored on your accuracy and your time - shave too much off and you'll lose points. Take too long and you'll lose points. And if your customer isn't completely happy with the job, he'll make sure you

don't get paid the full price! The pressure is on!As you progress through the levels, the job gets harder, the time gets shorter and the beard styles get trickier! But to make it easier, you can spend your hard-earned dough on better razors that will do the job in half the time - in the right hands.

Astra Force

Astra Force the game is based on the cartoon series of 'Astra Force', which features the legendary Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in the superhero animation series by Disney Channel.The game uses a simple, one-touch system to control the game Character; when the player presses anywhere on the touch screen, the Game character rises. The objective of the game is to travel as far as possible with beating the enemies/ aliens, and

avoid different obstacles.

Go Gallop Club

Go Gallop Club Project is a challenging Augmented Reality (AR), horse riding experience. Here players nurture their horse from the beginning at Pony Club to Elite Competition. This experience falls under the e- sporting genre which revolves around riding horses in events, taking care of them to perform better and earning equipment for the horses to wear.Go Gallop Club has been developed for iOS and Android devices using

Unity engine as these platforms ideally support the AR feature and target audience. This game contains highly detailed models, beautiful visuals and further beneficial features that provide immersive experiences.

Teenpatti Kings

You can make your best teen patti combinations on grid to earn points. You can try out making multiple combinations in a round for earning combo points. In this game player with maximum points wins the tournament.


Fun and stress release game for socially tormented souls. It makes you smile by swiping away your worries. It is an engaging game to retain players.

Rifle Shooting


yOwl aims to keep you awake at nights with its phantasmagoria tales, filled with monsters from other dimensions, evil dead roadkill, insane killers, spurned lovers, violent psychopaths and things that even we can’t explain.


Althea is a licensed producer and importer of medicinal cannabis, located in Victoria, Australia. It’s main purpose is to improve the lives of patients suffering from intense impairment of strength by providing access to high-quality medicinal cannabis. Althea offers help to eligible patients and healthcare service providers who are looking for information about and access to medicinal cannabis as a viable option for



Urbane is a marketplace where you can easily create your profile, add the services you want to sell and then you can start off. Any reservation a customer makes is displayed to the customer's friends, so that you can reach out to them as well. At Urbane you also have the opportunity to improve your location and how easily customers can locate you. High ratings can improve your location and you will be able to reach out

to new customers automatically. You can also collect followers whom you can send offers.

Haj Sathi

Haj Sathi is a Mobile App launched by the West Bengal State Haj Committee, Government of West Bengal to help our Haj Pilgrims for Safar-e-Haj.Through Haj Sathi Haji’s can get the details of their status as well as WBSHC can directly share the Guidance, Arrangements and Notices to the pilgrims. FAQs, Photo Gallery and Notification are also present in this App. This App helps to give urgent information to Haji’s related

to their Safar through both notification and SMS. Pilgrims can share their Queries and Complains without any deviation to WBSHC.In this digital world Haj Sathi is one step forward of providing digitalization services to Haj Pilgrims of West Bengal.


This is a sports networking app created to chat and train with sports enthusiasts across the globe. With this app you can experience an interactive sports community to cherish and realize your sportsman spirit. It also helps you build a strong online community where you can discuss, share and interact with people having similar passion.


TimeWise is a fun, educational quiz app where its about keeping track of time. Players would have to choose if a historical event occurred after, before or in-between of a particular time-span. Players could challenge their friends for one against one game, get together or participate in tournaments.Users have flexibility to choose between different categories of questions. Levels would slowly become more harder and

enjoyable. Get social, learn more about history, chat with opponents, develop & reach new levels, challenge other TimeWise players on Facebook page and do more with all new TimeWise interactive quiz app.

Leave No Kid Behind

A child protection APP is the assistance you’ve been looking for. It will prevent parents, guardians, and daycare centers from leaving children in hot cars or vans alone. Daycare centers can use the child picture and profile in the APP to keep track of students. In fact, the APP has a notification reminder; it can be used to send out when a child is picked up or dropped off. All travel information is conveniently saved

in the Leave No kid Behind APP.

Mall of the Emirates

This app has been designed mainly to enable government agents visit remote areas and collect samples to check whether the land is suitable for proper cultivation or not. It mainly facilitates in obtaining appropriate information about the status of agriculture in West Bengal so that necessary steps can be taken ti improve the same.

City Centre

It helps you access information regarding shopping, dining & other entertainment services in your nearest City Centre malls. This is a personal app can be accessed at any time and from any place. Also it enables you in knowing about attractive promotions and offers so that you can make better purchase.

Swiss Squares

This applications acts as your mobile guide showing the building culture along with sighting a new perspective of using the living space. This is an AR app which takes you on a trip to have a glimpse of the important squares of the major cities in Switzerland.


The S’PRISE portal is simply designed to let companies set up an account and control all marketing and advertisements that are pushed out to the consumers. Companies are able to control the date, time, and information of the ad that they want to mobilize for traffic. All advertisements and information are updated in REAL TIME! The S’PRISE portal then pushes that info to all the consumers that have downloaded the S’PRISE

app. The S’PRISE app works for storefronts, online stores, websites, and individual entrepreneurs.

The Score Is Right

This is actually an online fantasy score game where the gamers can showcase their prowess with respect to cricketing insights and knowledge. Score is Right can either be played directly from the website or can even be installed in the mobile phones. The gamers can earn points based on their anticipated and the actual scores.


This app has been designed mainly to enable government agents visit remote areas and collect samples to check whether the land is suitable for proper cultivation or not. It mainly facilitates in obtaining appropriate information about the status of agriculture in West Bengal so that necessary steps can be taken ti improve the same.

Character King

This art depicts a funny king character who has a greed for money. It an entertaining game where players need to take away the money from the king. The king on the other hand will adopt every possible measure to protect it. This pictorial representation enhances the look and feel of the game to attract and engage the players.Tools like Photoshop and Illustrator have been used to make this amazing art piece so that the

game does not loose its appeal.


This art work is depicted by a evil spirited figure who favors nacromancy-a black magic discipline used for communication with the deceased to foretell future. People who want to reflect something unknown or horrifying through their artwork can crave for this art piece. This wicked creature helps in knowing about future events, can discover hidden knowledge and can also bring back someone from the dead.We made the first

draft on paper and then moved on to make it digitally progressive using Photoshop and Illustrator.This creation has a sinister impression to capture the wild reverie. You can experience the world of black magic with this art work.


Our Phoenix art work is symbolized by a warrior figure which can rise from flames defeating hard times and beating all odd challenges of life. It symbolizes rebirth from past ashes and represents immortality by depicting the victory of life over death. This mythical character is powerful but is vulnerable to super natural creatures.Being sketched on paper initially, this character has been given a digital impression

using Adobe Photoshop.This art work can magnify your imagination with a purpose to fight and revive strength. Our Phoenix character is capable of glorifying victory over all evils.

Robo-X 0.25 Suit

This is basically an armor which is to be put on for military purpose. It is an imaginary one mainly to be used by futuristic soldiers. It offers unimaginable and extraordinary powers to the soldiers to fight battles and encounters. The users of this suit can do heavy tasks with ease and convenience.The design and look of this suit can enhance the look and feel of a game. Keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of

today’s gamers, this art piece has been aesthetically developed using Adobe Photoshop.It is literally a fascinated object that can rekindle warrior like concept through games and apps. You can experience super human powers using it and can feel the overwhelming fantasy.

Mysterious Mansion

This art piece reflects a concept of finding hidden objects. A murder has happened in this mansion and the culprit is hiding here. The main purpose here is to find the convict. The interior of this mansion is quite confusing and it is really a tough challenge to locate the hidden character.The digital look and feel of this huge mansion has been enhanced using the Adobe Photoshop. However, the first sketch was created on

paper.This art work can add an element of immersiveness to a game. Mysterious Mansion provides an attractive prowess to the users via interactive and engaging games.

Frost Dragon

Frost Dragon is an impeccable art work of a fantasy creature. Its body is covered with magic crystals which help in enhancing the longevity of those who come in contact with those crystals. This dragon has magical powers to freeze through its mouth any object that come on its way. It is also gifted with super-natural powers of flying high.This conceptual framework of art was initially made on paper. Gradually, it was

digitally developed using Adobe Photoshop.This art creation will ignite your fancy with a distinctive experience. You can portray your fantasy creation through this sterling art piece.


This art creation resembles a monster being depicted as colossal man like figure which devours human beings especially children and infants.This is an exclusive art work fantasizing a demonic character. It has got huge power to destroy or kill opponents. This piece of art can be included in games which are action oriented and involve killer instincts.This fictitious character has been aptly created with digital presence

using Adobe Photoshop. Present day avid gamers can enjoy playing with this character for gaining interactive and immersive experience.This concept of art piece is distinctive in offering players feel the imaginary strength and enjoy victory.

Draze - The Demon Warrior

From the name itself you can well guess that this art work will show an effect of action or fight between two entities. The two distinct characters of this art creation are ready to wage a gruesome battle against each other and the main purpose of the actual game is to destroy the enemy for good. People who are passionate about action games will find this art work attractive and can feel interested in playing the

game.The current representation of this art has not come easy. Initially the characters were drawn on a piece of paper. Later on it has been made progressive using modern techniques to suit the flavor of the game.