Mobile and Web Application Development

Uservation is a team of forward thinking designers, developers and product managers focusing on realizing and delivering amazing products for their end users and partners instead of focusing on managing projects.

Our typical partners are as entrepreneurially focused as we are being young startups themselves looking to leave their mark on the market through a great product.

$25 - $49 / hr
10 - 49
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Odesa, Ukraine


Key clients: 
Credit Pay, Go Dining, ReporteX
Appraisly Image


Appraisly is an innovative foot measurement technology for mobile devices which delights footwear eCommerce outlets just as much as the mobile application’s intended users.

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ReporteX is a real-time reporting and communication tool for managing a business.  ReporteX provides businesses with an easy-to-use 3 way communication framework between technicians, customers and managers.  Through ReporteX the customer is always aware with a complete picture on the status of their case being handled.     

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The GoDining application is a multi-platform mobile application for restaurants, cafes, pubs, night clubs and any other establishments where table reservations are involved.  It is distributed to establishments on an SaaS basis as a web application and to consumers as a mobile application.    

CreditPay Image


CreditPay is a service developed for Aprol & Smith LLC which allows the consumer or customer of any online partnered eCommerce shop to receive an instant loan for buying any goods from a partner bank, no matter whether the partnered eCommerce shop has an agreement with the specified bank or not.