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Rainy Town Media is a Vancouver Web Design and Web Development studio.
We specialize in Magento, Wordpress, Drupal, e-commerce, mobile and iOS / Android Development.

Our well-designed and optimized websites increase organic search engine traffic while delivering great customer experience and convert web visitors to customers. We utilize user-friendly web designs that are intuitive to navigate and visually striking to communicate your brand.

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Open Road Autogroup

Registered Massage Therapist of BC

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Oznoz wanted was a unique system, one where the recipients, in this case the parents and the children, would be able to get the information that they wanted from the website through any channel. Of special emphasis was the delivery of interactive video content for infotainment shows such as Sesame Street and Thomas the Train, across multiple devices. We took their pre-existing Magento system and extended its functionality,

thereby making it easier to stream videos across different networks, and created and enabled subscription renewal functionality. From this centralized system we created multiple apps that service a variety of mobile phones and tablets for the Android and iOS platform. Other than that, we produced apps for various media platforms like Roku, Fire TV and Chromecast. The clients are also able to track their client activities by syncing data across different devices. Magento, Mysql, Zend, PHP, jQuery, Java, Objective C, Nginx was used on this project.
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Tsylos was built on the latest Drupal 8 platform. Originally built on Drupal 6, we migrated the site to Drupal 8 and redesign the look and feel of the site while adding mobile responsive design to enable cross-device compatibility.  Branding wise we added layers of depth to Tyslos' color scheme and enhancing the rustic feel that come to represent the lodge. We put their spectacle photos of the surrounding lake, rivers, and

mountains as the main focus to drive traffic and generate a lead for the site.  Working with our SEO partners we were able to increase the site ranking which led to a sizable uptick in views and conversion.