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Tiger Treks

Track your business miles with a single click and automatically keep a log for your tax details.

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Tiger Treks SMS Auto Responder

Tiger Treks Auto Responder listens to the SMS you have received and responds to incoming SMS automatically. The Tiger Treks Auto Responder is also able to set a schedule to send SMS, in future time. When you are busy or inconvenient to respond to the messages, this app will automatically reply the incoming text messages by simply turning on the auto-reply feature.

Your Contacts can be made into groups and the

response message can be customized for each group. This App is very easy to use and use less resource of your mobile.

Main features:

✔ Able to setup multiple SMS auto responders for auto reply
✔ Schedule a message for future purpose
✔ Create Groups
✔ Templates can be created for easy access
✔ Follow up action - SMS & Email to a pre defined email address can be scheduled as a part of the followup action.
✔ Auto Responder action based on the contacts
✔ Auto Responder action based on keywords
✔ eMail Configuration
✔ Access phone address book for auto responders and creating groups
✔ Message categories for templates
✔ Enable / Disable auto responders
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Design Experience System

Contact RAFIT Services to organize, manage and plan your project needs.

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Garden Nightclub

Keep up on the latest events, specials and shows for the Garden Night Club of Des Moines.