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Qusion is a team of highly experienced engineers who design and develop successful products for clients from all around the world, from end-to-end and in top quality. We strive to help corporations and startups build their vision.

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Praha, Czech Republic
  • U Potoka 751
    Praha, PR 12000
    Czech Republic


Key clients: 

Nestlé, KBC, Innogy, Skoda

iWatt Image


iWatt is a mobile app where users transform their physical activity into energy currency. Gained IWT balance can be used to support favourite sport clubs or redeemed for various benefits.

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Spicker is a Swiss educative platform focused on connecting university students with institutions and companies to make a real impact through communication about real projects, assignments and many more.

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Bitstock is a secure cryptocurrency exchange platform with intuitive process of buying, selling, and storing. We created a new brand identity, designed UX & UI and developed its new web application.

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This app turns your screen into a colored surface that can be synchronized with other users to create a COLOR CROWD, a colorful performance or vibrant art using only your phone.