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Toronto, Canada


Key clients: 

Jacknife Design, Camp Ooch, Age-Well, Equifax, WHIRL INC, Princess Magaret Hospital, University Health Network, BMO, Sunnybrook Hospital, Dominion Lending Centers, the Globe and Mail

Everyone loves a short and sweet spot – Geico Insurance for example, has been using the 15 second spot in a very powerful way.

DLC’s VP Marketing, Dave Teixera came to us with some great creative, featuring larger than life characters who have some wacky mortgage and re-financing needs. Together we wrote 6 x 15 second scripts (English and French) that start and end with Erica, the unflappable and friendly Dominion

Lending Centres agent.

Each spot features an unusual request for Erica, followed by the surprise character reveal and Erica re-assuring the customer that at DLC, no matter what the need; “we’ve got a mortgage for that.”

Here at Q, we always think of our partner agencies and clients as part (and parts) of the same team. Collaborating with the Jacknife and Solei teams, we were able to expedite pre-production and be creative with client dollars when it came to brand integration, scripting and logistics.

We needed an inexpensive location ASAP and that worked with the look of Solei’s brand. The whole team reached out their contacts and we

were able to find a trendy, downtown condo for the day.

We needed to keep crew to a minimum — our agency partner and the client became part of our crew, all playing a role during the production (and yes, all “hands” on deck to prep the props).

Our final challenge was editing and delivering 12 videos within a week of production. That’s where our in-house capabilities came into play; our team of editors, and motion GFX designers, working alongside our director, sound engineer and producer – all ensuring we were on top of scheduling and communication to ensure that there is no bumps along the road, or unnecessary back and forth for the client.

Collaborate, communicate, create. It was really that simple.

Our friends at Outside the March specialize in immersive theatre experiences, where they bring their audiences into the time, place and even mindset of the characters to help amplify the experience. So we worked together to create a concept that immersed the audience right into the action – a theatre trailer to cordially invite audiences to the “celebration of life” (i.e. the show) straight from Dr. Silver’s most avid


This allowed us to stretch our creative muscles and showcase the most unusual and unsettling spaces in the magnificent Integral House. Not only does this theatre trailer inform audiences when the show is premiering, but most importantly, it gives potential guests a chance to experience the music and the themes of the play.

Branded Campaign

This branded campaign, from Interac Flash talks about the benefits of Interac’s platform for chefs and customers alike at the bustling and brand new, Chef’s Assembly Hall in downtown Toronto.

We partnered with awesome chef Nick Liu from Toronto’s DaiLo and Little DaiLo to talk about the chaotic, fun and bustling atmosphere of Chef’s Assembly Hall. We created a campaign of short content pieces for all social platforms,

each addressing a benefit of the Interac Flash system for a hands-on chef like Nick.

Documentary Series on Homelessness Crisis

We collaborated with our client to identify six individuals who would be willing to tell their story for our larger documentary series on homelessness in Toronto. Each powerful short identifies a unique challenge of living life on the streets, while being terminally ill. Their personal stories remind us that Toronto’s medically unwell homeless population aren’t a simple statistic or a “social issue”; they are mothers,

daughters, husbands, and brothers. They are real people all wanting the humane right to die with dignity. 

To help amplify the series on a tight budget, we took to the social streets and strategized a social media campaign that releases one person’s story a week; leading up to the Hospice launch.

Meet the Q Team - Animated Holiday Video

For our 2018 holiday video, we wanted to showcase the unique personalities in the shop. So our graphics wizard Josh designed an animated wish list to Office Santa; asking for all of our favourite things.