Software factory services.

Pyxis is a technology company founded in 2009. Synergy is the word that best defines the company. They truly believe that it is possible to generate IT growth through partnership and cooperation between different actors. That was their starting point and is the way their compass still looks. The team prefer to call their clients "partners" and build a long-term relationship, providing real value to the projects they work in.


$25 - $49 / hr
50 - 249
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Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Pyxis HQ C / Bulevard España 2323 11300-
    Montevideo, MO
other locations
  • Pyxis Libertad C/ Bulevard España 2509/11 11300-
  • Pyxis Colombia Complejo Ruta N Calle 67 n 52-20 Piso 3 Oficina 3018, Torre A
    Medellin, Antioquia 050010