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Despite being a young company, the Purple Voice team has a long experience that begins way back in 1992, when computers were still 8 bits and had 16 colors only.

We are specialized in custom web design and apps development, but we also release our own projects from time to time when we see a market fit, or a market need.

Besides, we strongly believe in the open source world and as such we have released some of our libraries and script in an MIT open mode licence. And we are going to continue !

The team is small, fun, and highly technical, You have a project but you are not sure yet on how to build it ? Call us it is free and we are always happy to help.

$25 - $49 / hr
2 - 9
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Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sukhumvit soi 81
    Bangkok 10260


Vai Vai

Vai Vai is an Uber-like application. It exists in two version, one for drivers and the other one for passengers.

Built to work in the worst network conditions (Laos), Vai Vai also implements interesting features, such as the possibility to negotiate the price of the ride in the app, without needing to speak the drivers' language.


WearYouWant is an eCommerce plateform for fashion in Asia.

All the classics are in the app : login via social network, filters by price, size, etc..., payment, and much more. is a tracking application for DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc... parcels. But it's also more than this.

The application allows you to add trusted contacts, and share parcels with them so if you're not around when the delivery happens, someone else can take care of it.

You can also get in direct contact with the carrier to reschedule delivery for more flexibility.

Simply said, a game changer in

the delivery world.