We Turn Ideas Into Products

At Psych X86 we bring products out of a blue print stage. Psych X86 has been Developing across various Industries. Services that spans a range of different industries, each with a unique set of challenges. Challenges is what brings the best out at Psych X86.


We analyze cross-functional scenarios to maneuver Space Optimization, Performance, CPU, Memory and I / O Util to provide the ultimate solution to our clients given the upcoming technological advancements.


Enterprise Web Development

Our time-tested methodologies in API integrations aid us in evaluating alternatives in methods of product creation. To optimize user satisfaction, we assimilate a robust front-end architecture with seamless communication with the back-end.



To meet growing technological demands, our team at Psych works together closely to code, design and develop mobile apps compatible across various operating systems. The applications are customized by our expert developers and constantly updated given the latest updates.



We can proudly and undoubtedly call this our stronghold- our USP. We relentlessly strive towards providing users a first-class and unforgettable experience. The aim is to present your brand in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and interaction is simple and free-flowing.


We believe, there are mutual grounds on which we can collaborate.

Feel free to ask anything regarding to Psych X86 & our work.


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Navi Mumbai, India
  • We Work, 10th Floor, Tower 1, Seawoods Grand Central,
    Navi Mumbai, MH 400706


Key clients: 

M-Swipe, UdChalo, Pro, Tyre Express

Ud Chalo Buses Image

Ud Chalo Buses

Partnered with the major bus providers to provide concessional bus ticket exclusively to soldiers for all their travel needs and is proud to term itself as “Recognised Travel Partner for Indian Armed Forces”.

A bus booking engine that connects different service providers like 

MSRTC and Red Bus in a decentralised fashion in order to facilitate


A unified location search engine that searches locations from multiple bus data providers leveraging decentralised architecture, with Redis, Amazon SQS, Lambda Functions.

Globally the majority of internet usage will be done via a mobile device and for most people the mobile web will be their primary - if not their only - way of experiencing the internet

Cards by MSwipe Image

Cards by MSwipe

Take a walk. Go for a shopping. Get some good food. Manage unpredicted emergencies, all with pre approved credit limit, thanks to M-Cards.

Accepted at over 500,000 Mswipe terminals in 700+ cities in India, Users can shop at your favorite stores, dine out, travel and stay at exotic locations or cover emergency expenses. Buy and pay in easy installments with

Mcards on major online shopping sites.

Monitor monthly spends and installments, view statements and account details.You can easily keep track of your cards, manage multiple card PINs and even block lost cards!

Discover the best offers and discounts on products and services across retail, dining, electronics, consumer appliances, health & wellness, travel and much more exclusively for Mcards members.

Topic Delta's by Accete Image

Topic Delta's by Accete

Topic Deltas reads through earnings transcripts, corporate filings and research notes in a granular bottom-up way measuring topical sentiment changes across calls and between industry peers, giving you the unique knowledge that scales your expertise.

Instantaneously visualize topical sentiment on a company-specific basis and be the first to discover macro trends affecting entire industries.

> Compare

companies within an industry by topic

> Construct macro level views of topical trends by industry

Topic Deltas is built from a specific combination of core technologies trained to understand the context of industry-specific language. It combines proprietary algorithms for metadata and snippet extraction, labeling, content enrichment, machine learning and deep learning, activation functions, and sentiment analysis to create dynamic continuously learning models that produce differentiated outputs yielding predictive value.

M-Ventry by MSwipe Image

M-Ventry by MSwipe

India's first cloud based, mobile first, GST compliant retail store management platform with integrated payments. Expand your store business by managing your inventory, billing, automatic customer database generation and promotion, with our easy to use mobile app.

MVentry helps users to track real time business data 24X7 from anywhere,

Monitor sales, inventory position and customer dynamics and Manage multiple stores using one single application with the options to Generate GST compliant bills with custom GST configrations, Capture & accept all payment modes within bill.

A specially customized inventory management system to supervise the flow of goods from the respective store to the customers with the options to transfer stores between multiple stores and at the same time keep the record of instock / out of stock options to ensure a smooth flow of products.

MVentry gives the capability to each store owner create its own vouchers baed on parameters like number of purchases made during a period of time, specific duration of the time, based on customer promotional offers with options multiple and one time ussage.

Pro - Learn UX Design Image

Pro - Learn UX Design

Pro App is where you will learn and excel in design. From foundation of design principles to becoming an expert, Pro App is the way to go. 

Bite-sized content makes it easy to learn and clean UI makes Pro App easy to navigate and fun to use.

The Pro App helps the user to learn topics in a series covering various aspects of the subjects making it easy for the user to grasp the knowledge that they


Rather than making an app with all kinds of unrelated courses, here’s an app for an audience which seeks convenience. 

Simple and Focused. 

At the end of the course, the user is rewarded with an auto-generated Certificate, which they can produce it to whomsoever it may concern.

You are Job Ready at the end of the course!

We came out with a different way to get courses to our users, we list out a set of upcoming courses.

When clicked it gives them the option to notify them and it gives us a database to understand what our users want.

A creative way to monetize the Pro App, the courses are free but the twist is you you’ll have to wait for 24 hours before going onto next.

Subscribed users will get unlimited access to the Pro App.

Tyre Express Image

Tyre Express

Breakthrough in technology that offers performance measurement of a tyre through its lifecycle.

IoT platform that integrates tracking and displays performance like thread wear, pressure, kilometres, etc. for tyres of any major operational fleet operator.

Tyre Express finds the most efficient route, live track the vehicle with the IoT device and alert the

driver of potential hazards concerning the safety of the tyres and vehicle.

Track vehicle with ease, scroll to find or type in the number of the vehicle, along with the list we get the date of the last inspection. 

Track vehicles live on maps, this is achieved by using the information sent by the hardware that is tracking the vehicles and collecting stats in conjunction with Google Maps.   

When a vehicle is selected, it displays all the tyres of the vehicle. Further, inspection is carried out on every single tyre individually.

Information is collected by a sensor on the tyre, it checks for all the units it has been to designed to and then it is filled by Mechanic responsible for inspection.

During inspection, details are focused and every single piece of information is made to be updated in the App. This enables to analyze data in the backend and give out the optimal results.

After the data is sent to the backend then it gives a report, then the mechanic will update with all the measures taken to solve any issue. 

They are then listed back with all the updates in the app, Making the Vehicle Safe to Drive.