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Proven Form is a digital design and consulting agency based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We bring design thinking to the challenges that businesses face in the modern world. Let's solve problems together.

We work exclusively with businesses and organizations that align on a mission to empower others through the integration of human-centered design. As a company, we are driven by our passion to elevate the importance of design and bring it to the forefront of ideation and thought processing. The projects we take on are rooted deeply in usability, extensibility, and return on investment for our clients. 

Proven Form approaches problems via design thinking. Design thinking is a human-focused approach, where we take stakeholder requirements and end-user goals into account when designing prototypical interfaces and marketing material. We ask pertinent questions regarding the rationale behind decisions that could potentially impact user experience, journeys, or flows. Starting with ‘why’ allows us to see the bigger picture and act accordingly. 

Proven Form provides User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) services that turn ideas on paper into fully executable, high fidelity interfaces for development teams to work from. The value of this process is to intake an agile feedback loop into the design stage, increase stakeholder buy-in through continual improvement, and deliver a final developer spec which translates into the development environment. 

We are here to build you up, via design.

$50 - $99 / hr
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Pittsburgh, PA


Key clients: 

Nearby Creative, LLC

The Guider Group

Nearby Creative Image

Nearby Creative

Nearby Creative is a technical solutions agency with a focus on development, design, marketing, and leadership. We designed and supported front-end development of the website and created the branding treatment.

BaseHop is an iOS concept app for finding places to visit with friends. Choose the venue, time, and your invitees in seconds. Users can post pictures and videos of their night right on the venues' pages.