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Promwad Innovation Company is an independent electronics design house, creates new devices and software for the global electronics market, taking a customer’s product from idea to mass production in Europe or Asia.

Since 2004, the company's engineers and designers have implemented over 300 projects in consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive electronics, home and industrial automation, media and entertainment — these are over 3 million manufactured devices.

Promwad’s customers are manufacturers of electronics, startups and industry companies in Western and Eastern Europe, USA and Canada.

The company has a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2008, holds a membership of IPC International Association and partners with technoparks and global vendors of electronic components, such as Texas Instruments, Marvell, STMicroelectronics, Fujitsu, Analog Devices, JTAG Technologies, Realtek.

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Minsk, Belarus
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Key clients: 

Fujitsu, Parrot, Auriga, Intel, CISCO, CR2, ASBIS, CTI, Megafon

Safe Backup Image

Safe Backup

Safe Backup is the most intuitive and friendly application that can quickly and easily back up the valuable data you keep on your Android device. The application supports the backup of: - images (photos, pictures) - music and videos, - ringtones and voice memos, - applications, - contacts and text messages, - calendars and bookmarks, - call logs, - alarms. Safe Backup is easy to learn and use, your each step is accompanied by a tip. Safe Backup is compatible with most Android devices and supports data exchange between different versions (currently 2.1-2.3.x) and device models.
Safe Backup Root Image

Safe Backup Root

Safe Backup Root is a tool providing complete data backup and recovery on Android devices through a simple and friendly interface. * Please note: the application requires superuser (root) permissions. Root access enables Safe Backup Root to copy data inaccessible to many similar applications: - game progress, - application data (account info, etc.), - bookmarks and passwords and much more. As with a usual backup program, you can save copies of any of your personal data, such as: - pictures, - music, - video, - ringtones, - voice memos, - applications, - contacts,
Home Screen Launcher for Android MID Image

Home Screen Launcher for Android MID

Home screen launcher software for tablet PCs, and a 3-in-1 widget, containing RSS news reader, information on weather in the selected region and clock. The application developed by the order of ASBIS Group, one of the leading distributors of IT products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The new home screen launcher is displayed correctly when the device is placed vertically (portrait position) or horizontally. The

launcher supports the usual Android functionality and a usual management system for applications and widgets icons. Dynamic wallpapers are supported.
Mobile tracking,  geotagging, 3D compass Image

Mobile tracking, geotagging, 3D compass

App location-based services, mobile tracking,  geotagging, 3D compass with augmented reality, real time road events warnings  and traffic updates

Our  points of interest module will show you a route to the nearest restaurants, hotels, cinemas and other recreation spots. Easily share your location over land, sea or air using your mobile phone

GPS/GLONASS vehicle navigation and communication device Android Image

GPS/GLONASS vehicle navigation and communication device Android

This car navigation and communication device supports GLONASS / GPS, mobile communication in hands-free mode and data transmission in 3G networks. This navigator automatically updates information on road conditions and offers the driver the best route taking into account traffic congestion. The device is controlled through a 5-inch touch screen and operated by Android.
Shturmann My POI -points of interest Image

Shturmann My POI -points of interest

A mobile application for urban geotargeting which provides the user with information on the surrounding POIs (points of interest) on a 2D map and as a list.

The function of route searching with georeferenced contextual advertizing is used as the main monetizing mechanism.

LitRes: Launcher for Android Image

LitRes: Launcher for Android

LitRes: Launcher for Android tablet PCs was created by request of LitRes, a aggregator, distributor and marketer of licensed electronic books in Russia and the CIS countries. The LitRes company offers its customers a huge selection of e-books and thousands of audiobooks, which can be conveniently accessed from any electronic device.

LitRes: Launcher is a module that collects all your

e-books and electronic books from LitRes store in one device. Now you’ll be able to easily manage electronic books on your device together with files and installed applications. LitRes customers with LitRes: Launcher installed on their Android tablets get access to all services of LitRes online electronic catalogue, the largest e-library in the Russian internet.

Functions and Possibilities of LitRes: Launcher

* Serves as a management system for LitRes products on your device

* Serves as a file and application management system on the device, displays the device contents

* Convenient “Home Screen” displays the user activity history – books, applications, etc. previously opened.

* Provides quick access to the personal LitRes account with the option to purchase new e-books and load them into the device.

* Displays the promo-block (under “All Books”, “All Audio Books”) which provides instant access to the online store and purchasing options.

Happy Numbers Educational Application Image

Happy Numbers Educational Application

Mathematics becomes an interesting and amusing pastime, if you have the Happy Numbers app installed on your iPad for your kid.  Educational mobile application Happy Numbers is created to meet the requirements of the primary school mathematics course and serves an effective instrument for individual learning in class and at home.  The application was developed for the educational platform Uchi.ru and consists of a series of

interactive lessons using iPad tablet PC as a learning tool.

The purpose of this mobile software product is to individualize processes of mathematics teaching  utilizing contemporary technical devices available both in class and at home. The advantage of the given mobile learning platform is that it takes into account all types and stages of learning process necessary for mastering the subject, such as theory presentation, initial skills, game and its elements, system of interactive adaptive testing.

Key Points and Benefits of Happy Numbers

*Interactive lessons

*Individualized learning route



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Mobile Development Workload Assistance

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The client is a design and development firm based out of Atlanta, Ga. The client has been experiencing a large amount of new business, and needed to find a partner who could help them with the additional workload. Promwad Mobile had a reputation of being technically very good and trustworthy to work with. The client hired Promwad Mobile to develop for Linux, Android, and iOS platforms. At any time, the client usually had 5 to 10 developers working at Promwad Mobile on a variety of projects.

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Small business
Greater Atlanta Area
CEO, Social Media Marketing
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Promwad Mobile has a very dedicated process, which has proven useful as the client has scaled up operations. Being able to depend on Promwad Mobile keeping projects managed properly is critical to the client delivering successful results. Promwad Mobile is also very technically good. The client can trust Promwad Mobile to work on a variety of project simultaneously, without worrying about Promwad Mobile being over worked.

The relationship can be considered more of a partnership than of a client and developer. At the start of the relationship, there was a bit of communication and cultural differences. However, those have been smoothed out as the client has worked with Promwad Mobile for many years. The client will continue to work with Promwad Mobile, and would recommend them to others.

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