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We are a Washington DC based data science studio delivering primary market research to forward thinking firms.

Our methods of social listening, crowd-sourcing and data visualization help you take advantage of the moment and find clarity in complexity.

We iterate on problems quickly, focusing on the most promising solutions while discarding the rest.

Our project teams are staffed with expert data scientists, analysts and researchers from a diverse set of professional and academic backgrounds.

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Analytics that drive strategy Image

Analytics that drive strategy

We helped a top tier luxury hybrid car manufacturer respond to a reduction in sales due to several negative reviews they received in the media. They needed new insights to respond quickly.

Working with their marketing team, we focused on answering several key questions about customer preferences and competitor positioning.

Insight & Impact


analyzing tens of thousands of tweets and web-scraping hundreds of expert review websites we learned:
  • power and performance was what their audience really focused on - not design and service as they had previously thought and been marketing to.
  • the handful of negative reviews were severely impacting sales. To combat this we predicted which key publications and writers they should align with for future reviews and content marketing and armed them with the approach to win them over.
  • their more successful competitors engaged in an entirely different way than they were doing with better results.
  • which topics and terms were most important to their audiences which lead to significantly more engagement on social media.

With a new arrow in their marketing research quiver, the team set out on a new way to formulate marketing strategies and combat competitive pressures.

Read the full case study here.

Analytics that drive creative Image

Analytics that drive creative

How do you name an enterprise communications platform that is designed to compete with Slack and other major collaboration and work platforms? 

Our team was brought on by this client’s Agency to conduct a competitive landscape, messaging and social media analysis.

Insight & Impact

We learned some key things that drove the messaging and branding strategy

that ultimately won the client’s approval including: 
  • the most successful brands use and tout their own language - unique keywords, names and product attributes. We identified the ones that matter most.
  • enterprise vs. consumer approaches differed significantly. We helped them hone in on an improved approach.
  • identifying the topics and keywords that engage most.
  • identifying who was engaging, what common interests they have and how they felt about the competitors.
  • tested the proposed names, messages and keywords across the competitive landscape to identify the “white space” that showed greatest promise.

The result was a data driven creative process that produced vibrant and viable names that the marketing team could use in launching this new communications platform. 

Analytics that clarify Image

Analytics that clarify

Our client, a NYC based global branding agency, was creating an ebook that detailed the social media posting habits a prominent influencer.

We were brought in to provide text analytics that drove the narrative and bolstered the creative insights.

Insight & Impact

Using an archive of all tweets from these influencers, we were able to identify:  

  • patterns in frequency,
time and emotion of when they posted
  • the topics that elicited the greatest and least engagement
  • the people, places and businesses they tweet about, in what context and with what kind of emotion
  • articulate their “text signature” - i.e. the words most commonly associated with that author
  • key terms and topics over time; correlate them to noteworthy events
  • general and specific sentiment for individual topics and people over time

  • The impact was a data-driven creative guide for marketers to learn from, be entertained and put into practice. 

    Analytics that enable Image

    Analytics that enable

    This top tier management consulting firm wanted to re brand their proprietary enterprise-wide digital transformation platform. Working with their agency, we helped them better understand the competitive landscape and ensure the creative strategy aligned to the truth.

    Insight & Impact

    With our expertise, the team was able to:

    • deliver a data driven competitive
    landscape analysis
  • identify where their own messaging was misaligned with their brand
  • articulate customer sentiment and deliver compelling audience profiles
  • articulate their primary competitors messaging strategies and define the white space to explore.

  • The result? Successful development of a fresh brand identity designed to drive adoption of this large-scale business transformation platform. 

    Analytics that connect Image

    Analytics that connect

    Our client, a candidate for a prominent State Delegate seat, needed to gauge public sentiment on key issues, improve messaging, and optimize the team’s resources for going door-to-door.

    In our analysis we analyzed voter records, local news stories, public list-serves, social media, surveys and maps.

    Insight & Impact

    With our insights, the candidate was

    able to:  
    • better respond to public sentiment on key issues, prepare more detailed responses and make positioning decisions that accurately reflect public opinion
    • speak to specific topics of concern within sub-communities (e.g. the elderly and LGBTQ)
    • craft messages that are were highly likely to resonate in particular neighborhoods
    • optimize the canvassing team’s routes by crafting a field strategy that was based on geospatial mapping of people most likely to vote for the candidate.

    The impact was a more on-message candidate that knew issues specific to sectors of the electorate and stronger field operations. The result was an outstanding performance and significant portion of the vote for this first time candidate. 

    Analytics that position  Image

    Analytics that position

    A prominent financial institution wanted to enter the market of high-net worth credit cards. For the brand, they needed to gauge public sentiment on their competitors, strategically position themselves in a crowded market, differentiate their offering in a meaningful way and gain an edge in receiving high reviews from powerful websites like Dough Roller, Credit Donkey and The Points Guy.

    Insight & Impact

    With our insights, the marketers were able to:  

    • determine how their strongest competitors in the marketplace connect with their fans
    • identify that language used , topics of interest, and deep motivations of their target audience
    • identify which credit card review websites were most important to target, anticipate how they would review their new product and update their messaging to maximize impact
    • identify the linguistic “white space” available for the marketing team to leverage to differentiate their offering and connect with audiences.

    The impact was a data driven and well crafted marketing and communications strategy designed to appeal to a highly sought after demographic and a crowded market place.