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Innovative our customer‘s ideas drive us to find the best smart solutions. We provide professional and flexible software development services flavored with creativity and professionalism for companies all around Europe. We believe in a long-term relationship, the power of individual attention, “walking that extra mile” and combining work with fun.

From our headquarters in the heart of Western Europe – Delft, The Netherlands, our German office in Hamburg and development center in Kaunas, Lithuania, we are able to serve our customers in an optimal and professional way.


Every project we start with a clear onboarding process. We believe that the time we spend on the investigation of the needs of our customers pays off later and leads to smooth further collaboration.

In case of an agreement on our proposal for collaboration, we select the best candidates. We interview and test them in our office In this way we only propose the best candidates to our customers. This process is accompanied by continuous communication. The rest of the development process flow is individually defined with a customer using Agile (like Scrum and Kanban) or even scaled Agile (the Nexus Framework).

DEDICATED TEAM model perfectly works for the clients who want to have engineers involved only to their specific project, all management processes are supervised by local staff. You don`t need to worry about the motivation and local details of your team. Although the teams work under the supervision of our customers, we will do everything to be a partner and not just a supplier.

How do we connect? You can kindly contact us at [email protected]. We will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible and schedule the next steps.

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Key clients: 

MindsUnited, Leaflad, ishipit, Creating stories, Staticus,, Brainsquare, ProActive Web, It's Us, Advisie, Nodeable, Pro ALPHA... Image started in 2007 as MVNO and soon became the largest sim-only provider in The Netherlands. offers high-quality advantageous offers without frills.

The company stands for transparency and honesty. Clear offers and clear, open communication. Not only in its products and services, but also in the workplace.

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Creating stories

Creating Stories” is a platform for those who are passionate about traveling. Next, to selecting and booking a trip, customers can create and share their own travel stories. “Creating Stories” offers adventurous trips to Iceland, Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Argentina, Patagonia, etc.

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ishipit is a convenient, inexpensive and social delivery service. Project’s idea and vision belongs to a private investor from the Netherlands. ishipt is a unique delivery platform that enables anyone to become an independent courier. The courier determines his own fees, working hours and services offered. 

The ishipit app allows couriers to offer their services for delivery, in which they determine their fare, work

area and availability. Users can have everything they need from the neighborhood delivered and choose the courier who is allowed to carry out the order. ishipit brings together both couriers and users on its platform. ishipit matches local delivery demands with local available couriers’ services. 

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Present Connection’s development team delivered a project for a new Dutch customer – an innovative advertising platform “Leaflad”, which allows users to see exclusively relevant ads in one place. Users can easily choose the advertisement categories they are interested in. It can be advertisements based on the users’ hobbies, services or products they are interested in.


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Advisie is founded more than 35 years ago. This company offers software solutions for specific markets. Next, to the implementation of software solutions, they also build Custom Solutions which integrate with the products of Exact Software.


Advisie together with Present Connection developed the Webshop Connector. The Webshop Connector links the company webshops with their Exact online and Exact Globe

environment. The customer is able to decide which processes should be linked and will experience the advantages of a fully integrated e-commerce platform.
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The proALPHA  group is the third largest ERP provider for small and mid-sized manufacturing and trading companies in the DACH region. proALPHA offers ERP software and services from a single source.
The flexible and scalable ERP system features a wide range of functions that allow all processes along the value-added chain to be controlled. The group has 1,800 small and mid-sized customers in 50 countries. They operate in

diverse industries, such as mechanical and plant engineering, electronics and high tech, metal working, plastics, wholesale, and automotive and supply.

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Staticus is one of the largest, privately owned, facade engineering company, which is well-known in the UK, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries for building facades for more than 20 years. Stated in Nothern Europe, the company provides design, production and installation services.

With over 500 employees, effective management and newly reconstructed factory in Vilnius, competitive company ensure quality control of

projects as well as timely fashioned implementation.

Operating within Lean methodology, the company ensures the best solutions without cutting back on quality. Service and production quality and wellbeing of their employees are the main values, which enables the success of the company.

For more information, visit the company website

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ProActive Web

ProActive provides a platform for organizations to simplify and control the total expenditures stream with related processes. Together with Present Connection, ProActive is able to support the full integration with Exact Globe for more than 100 customers and over 28.000 active users.


The collaboration is focused on new developments, innovations and support of the current integrations. ProActive can rely on a

continuous growth without the need of specific ERP knowledge, due to the efficient collaboration and the business expertise of Present Connection.


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Brainsquare is the IT expert for business solutions in production and service industries. Together with the partners, they provide a wide scope of ERP and planning solutions for the different production branches like food, metal, plastic, machine and service industry.

The teaming with Present Connection makes it possible to fill in special customer questions and come up with new products for daily business


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It's Us

Since 2000, It’s Us is the specialist in ICT maintenance and Exact Business software. Their strengths are expertise, sharing of knowledge and open communication. 


Already for 5 years, It’s Us and Present Connection have been collaborating to support customers with Exact Synergy and Globe application adjustments. The Present Connection team is responsible for creating new integrations, extending main platform

functionality and creating the user interface.  


Next, to customer specific adjustments, our company is involved in the product development of a standardized integration platform with the name Coretix. This product is focused on the mid-market where systems must be connected in an easy low-cost way. Coretix is based on standards with the possibility to have customer-specific integrations. At this moment Coretix has already 20+ active integrations and proves itself as a mature product. 

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MindsUnited meets the needs of Microsoft partners in the Dynamics 365 marketplace. The company offers an answer to every complex Dynamics 365 challenge, in the shape of ready-made and flexible modules or interfaces. Online, in the cloud, and under a cost-effective subscription model. MindsUnited simplifies complicated Dynamics 365 challenges.

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