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Key clients: 

Red Bull, Spencer Badu, 017 Shop, Desole, Livestock Canada,

Re-defining Luxury Image

Re-defining Luxury

Spencer Badu’s purpose within the landscape of fashion—his complex, nuanced style, boundary-pushing vision, and progressive attitude—was already well defined when he approached us to recalibrate his brand and visual identity system. ‍ Instead of an overhaul, Spencer needed to recalibrate how to connected with his core customer, and effectively articulate his brand’s uniqueness to his sophisticated audience. He didn’t want to
lose any of his brand’s existing cache, instead seeking to deliberately expand the scope of what could be logically contained within his identity. The crux of the issue was that Spencer felt his eponymous line was being codified as a garden-variety streetwear brand. He planned to recast his eponymous line with an identity that suited the product he was actually creating: experimental garments, sold in luxury fashion stores. His streetwear-centric product was to be moved into a diffusion line—SP. Spencer wanted his primary logo to reflect to his modern aesthetic. We responded with a modular, rigid, and geometrically precise logo, created through a similar process as the one used to conceive one the world’s most recognizable logos—NASA’s. We created a full logo, a partial logo, and a monogram logo, each of which has their own unique uses within Spencer’s brand hierarchy. We created a system of logos that would allow the brand to contextualize its multifaceted identity. Logos were engineered to translate equally well across social media, web, physical materials, and garment labels and hardware. Spencer Badu has since firmly established his brand within the landscape of luxury fashion. His line has been picked up by the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, SSENSE.
A Multi-facet Platform in Istanbul Image

A Multi-facet Platform in Istanbul

Desole—based in Istanbul and founded by fashion industry veterans—sought to entrench themselves as a modern boutique with unique taste and a distinct curatorial sensibility. Practice Practice worked with Desole to help the boutique establish a clear and consistent atmosphere around the brand. ‍ Desole’s concept was to offer customers a portal into their singular universe, one where high-street fashion, streetwear, art, and music
co-exist and coalesce to create a wholly unique experience. Many European boutiques constituted themselves with deeply serious and professional brand treatments—often borrowing the hallmarks of contemporary art galleries and institutions. This produces an abundance of highly severe brand identities in the space. ‍ Desole deliberately sought to avoid such a serious approach to their brand. Instead, Desole opted for an identity that clearly conveyed refinement and sophistication, but with a markedly playful undertone and youthful spirit. The name we selected for the boutique—Desole—translates from French into “sorry”, imbuing their principal point of identity an every so subtle dash of irony and a light hearted rebellious spirit. ‍ The logo we created paired a tongue-in-cheek illustrate of a hand holding followers with a crisp and contemporary sans-serif typeface, seamlessly uniting sophistication and light-hearted mischief in the same element. The comprehensive visual identity package we provided Desole with included various illustrations, storefronts, packaging, and graphics. Before affirming our final deliverables, we collaborated with the founders for nearly 50 iterations of the package before settling on a finished product. Desole’s brand and identity were rolled out through social media, product packaging, and various formats of store collateral.
Luxury Contemporary Store Image

Luxury Contemporary Store

Standing apart in the crowded contemporary landscape of fashion is not a simple feat. In defining their brand and identity, new entrants must be deft, precise, and confident. ‍ 017—an emerging high-end clothing boutique—approached us to craft an identity that was equal parts futuristic, accessible, and eminently sophisticated. ‍ We were tasked with building a brand differentiated enough to reflect their vision as singular in the
crowded luxury retail climate. Reaching 017’s core demographic—younger luxury consumers who primarily interact with information on their cell phones—we understood that creating an identity that translated to mobile and online mediums was critical. The boutique celebrated the avant-garde, emerging, and experimental in fashion, but sought to remain nimble and versatile enough to appeal to broad audience. Before embarking on this project, we had a two-day discovery workshop to unearth what principles would animate 017’s approach to a highly competitive retail environment. The information unearthed in this synergistic process and countless ensuing conversations informed each major deliverable and the foundation of 017’s brand. Our final design for the logo utilized a redesigned Helvetica typography. We went for a pared down and straightforward aesthetic, which we determined would not need to be modernized five or ten years in the future. 017’s logo was simple enough to act as both a primary logo and monogram. It retained its cache equally online, on mobile, and in print, signage, campaigns, and store collateral. Regardless of logo size, format, or presentation, no details were lost. In designing 017’s online platform, we sought to create a simple, intuitive and responsive site that took cues from 017’s planned interiors and seamless customer shopping experience.
Building Buyer Confidence Image

Building Buyer Confidence

Whenever we shape how new brands enter the market, our aim is to unearth and communicate the brand’s essence. The aspects that resonate in their target audience’s hearts and minds. ‍ 6WR’s mission was straightforward: offer customers the quality and craftsmanship of a luxury denim brand, but at a much more reasonable price point than was currently available on the market. ‍ To communicate their differentiated vision for a luxury
brand in an oversaturated market—as well as to ensure the viability of their business—they needed to reach consumers and prospective retailers directly with their online presence. ‍ As such, a fully functional website that showcased their product quality and unique luxury brand ethos was a must. This website was to become 6WR’s touchpoint with their audience. In our research we discovered that 6WR’s target demographic was hugely varied. On the strength of the simplicity of their product, 6WR’s audience ranged from 16-year-old trend seekers who stumbled upon the brand in their Instagram discover feed to middle age men searching for the perfect pair of weekend denim. The other key challenge we faced was how to successfully demonstrate and communicate the fit, fabric, and first-class construction of 6WR’s denim, and how to overcome any prospective buyer objections and resistance to purchasing a new product online. ‍ Building buyer confidence through design was paramount. Information on the product would have to be clear, accessible, and intuitively organized. To help move customers through the sales funnel—and to acquire the brand’s first true fans—we offered all customers free shipping and returns on all orders, allowing new customers to personally interact with the product, but with minimal commitment on their end.
Experimental Sensibility Image

Experimental Sensibility

Contextualizing collaboration between two progressive, dynamic brands— in two different fields—is no easy task. ‍ When Toronto born and based Spencer Badu tapped us to create a series of graphics for a capsule collection to be designed in partnership with the Red Bull Music Festival, we responded with a solution that reflected and elevated each brand’s style, vision, and attitude. The Red Bull Music Festival is synonymous with
a experimental sensibility. Broadly inclusive and animated by a DIY spirit, the brand actively seeks to celebrate and promote the diversity and resiliency inherent in underground music. ‍ Red Bull Music Festival’s approach to foregrounding the bleeding edge of cultural production isn’t limited to just music, either. Enter their collaboration with one of fashion’s most ambitious designers—Spencer Badu. As such, the collaboration between Badu and Red Bull Music Festival was, in many senses, natural. Both defined themselves and their brands as inclusive, rejecting social status, and hierarchy within their brand frameworks. The two ultimately opted to collaborate on a capsule collection to be sold through a pop-up, with Spencer given total creative freedom in his designs. ‍ Spencer decided that the best way to express this ethos of inclusivity would be to offer customer garments through on-the-spot screen-printing, but he wasn’t exactly sure as to how to approach it. In need of a graphical solution that harmonized his conceptual and practical goals, he engaged Practice Practice for design work. ‍ The collaboration was a commercial and artistic success, and the graphic-centric garments offered an accessible pathway for a new audience to discover and interact with Spencer Badu’s brand, while simultaneously symbiotically raising Red Bull Music Festival’s profile and reputation.
Dossier Image


At project’s inception, we discovered that Dossier was clear on their values and purpose, but they required clarity on how to relate to a culturally connected, style-savvy audience that already had refined and well-established taste. Dossier’s ethos rested upon an eye towards a harmonious balance between innovation and functionality, and a belief that both concepts can be expressed within the same element. Fashion’s hierarchy
was once strictly linked to price, quality, and traditional notions of status and wealth. Contemporary fashion—and luxury—is much more complex and dynamic than this once simple calculus. ‍ The dominant paradigm is shifting from exclusivity to inclusivity; there is no longer a single concrete definition of an elite luxury brand. Today, luxury fashion is about contextualization, and communication this contextualization across formats and mediums. ‍ It was in this environment of flux, we were asked to produce a comprehensive visual identity package for Dossier, an emerging fashion brand that sought to reach today’s luxury consumer. To create total internal alignment for Dossier, we built a style guide outlining the brand’s mission statement, values, differentiators, graphic identity, photographic guidelines, logo, typography, colour pallet, and brand differentiators. Dossier’s branding and identity was presented alongside their first collection, and their visual identity package was used across social media platforms, pop-up events, and product packaging. ‍ Dossier has since been featured in several major media publications, and has been heralded as one of the best new brands to watch in Canadian fashion.