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The Power Station is a Creative Agency based in Surrey, England. A team of creatives giving power to brands using top quality engaging social media content.

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Power Station 2019 Showreel

A 30 second showreel of a few highlights over the past couple of years work.

As this incredible establishment had just opened, the White Brasserie team were excited to share their beautiful restaurant experience with the local community. We managed not only to captivate the aesthetics of the brand but also the feeling the environment has to offer.

Finished off with a great editing pace, this video really drove home the passion of this company.

ZH Pilates - Our New Routine

We wanted to create something slightly different for Zoe Hodgson Pilates, showing her audience around the studio but also displaying what kind of routines you can expect when attending a class. The video really captures what ZH Pilates is all about and how well her team work together.

Videotree Comparison

Our client, Videotree, explained that they wanted a video of their Mirror TV range for their website. After brainstorming a few ideas, we settled on a very clean and clinical plan.

Working with our very talented art director, we spent a lot of time in the studio making sure the product had a message.

Our main challenge throughout this project was to consistently maintain an ‘outside the box’ mentally. Filming

mirrored televisions is no mean feat (reflections are the Achilles heel of photography) and capturing the essence of these fantastic products was a real test. However, through thorough planning and clinical execution, we produced a fantastic still images that ticked all of the client’s boxes.

A quick-fire chat with the inspirational

Honest Mum, Vicki Psarias, as the multi-award-winning blogger, vlogger, filmmaker and bestselling author of Mumboss shares her frank views on parenting, blogging for a living, trolls, wellies and more.

We knew we had a big job on our hands when The Whisky Baron asked if we could make a film about the cask investment market.

We wanted to make sure you encompassed everything they wanted to get across, not just visually but verbally as well.

With a huge schedule of traveling all over Scotland and London we made sure we captured all aspects of this incredibly industry not only for a viewer to see but for the

brand to become established.

Earlier in the year, we developed a relationship with the cool alligators down at Jack Lilley Triumph in Surrey through a charity organisation we donated our services to.

Once they knew we created content they quickly booked us in to work with them on their The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride event at Brooklands Museum.

It was a truly swell day where everyone looked terrific in their whistles and

on their motorcycles.

A jolly good show old chaps and all for a spiffing cause!

Can Furnet

Sometimes, our job can be a drag. This particular client asked us to spend a few days under the glorious Ibizan sun, shooting a promotional video for a stunning hilltop villa. And, through gritted teeth, we agreed.

The client wanted the video to highlight the beautiful interior and architecture of the property whilst also advertising the glamorous lifestyle that comes with it.

We delivered an excellent piece of

lifestyle content that was broadcast across all of Source Luxury’s social platforms, harbouring the feeling of what life could be if you were to buy this luxury property.

This project started out as a simple promotional video, but we soon found ourselves spending countless hours getting to know this very down to earth human being. The process created an end product that, both we and the client feel, really came from the heart.

From the outset, we wanted to make a video that would not only promote the brand but also promote Justin and his love what he does. We gave the

viewer a glimpse of the products but allowed the story to take center stage, urging the customer to fall for the man behind the logo.