Creative Consultancy for Audio, Sound, and Music

Polytope Agency is your partner for complex projects in which a distinctive approach to sound, audio, and music is required. We execute professionally at the intersection of sound design, project management, music composition, software development, infrastructure, and acoustics. We use cutting-edge technology (including wave field synthesis, ambisonics or speaker orchestras) and low-tech solutions in the same sentence.

It is insightful, non-fetishistic identification and use of all feasible audio and music techniques, combined with interactive and generative systems strongly conceived, well-designed and produced all contribute to a compelling audio scenography.

What is Audio Scenography?

Audio Scenography is the expert interplay of technology, architecture, acoustics, and a content-driven musical or audio-based concept environment. Speakers and audio systems are the tools. Air is the medium. The human body is the instrument through which artistic, scientific or commercial content can be metabolized into collective experience.

While Polytope Agency brings principal expertise in audio, sound, and music, we do not accept a notion of the senses where the ear is imagined to operate independently. We believe every human being is a synesthete, and the most powerful creative work operates with this as the foundation.

We use sound, audio, and music as a scenographic medium—not only to create an auditory architecture but also to transport environment, narrative, and emotion into specific and inhabitable spaces.

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Key clients: 
We work for many leading brands in the themed entertainment, hospitality, and museum space, but maintain strict client privacy guidelines. Portfolio on request.