Achieving Digital Brand Dominance

Pico is an online advertising agency located in the heart of Denver. We specialize in all things 'digital' to help solve your business problems. We build fully customized programs across all digital channels from Pay Per Click to Search Engine Optimization, Social Advertising, Website Design, Lead Generation & more. We offer flat rate fees and our clients own all of their data. We strive to create partnerships.

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Aurora, CO
  • 6105 S. Main St. Suite 200
    Aurora, CO 80016
    United States


Key clients: 
  • Refactored
  • Charter Jet One
  • Children's Hospital WI
  • SRS Acquiom
  • Parking Reservation Software
  • Choozle
  • Asia Transpacific Journey
  • Hatherleigh
  • Good Buy Gear
  • Garbarini
  • Melissa Joy Manning
  • Obesity Medicine Association
  • Restaurant Association
  • Wildmade // Veggie Gos
  • The Corner Vet
  • Travida
  • Get Conga

We're your committed digital marketing partner

We provide custom digital advertising solutions built using our data-driven models. We aim to help small to mid-sized businesses provide frictionless digital experiences. To support that goal we dedicate ourselves to developing fully customized programs to address each client’s unique and dynamic environment. We are committed to analyzing the data we collect and translating it into kernels of actionable business intelligence

that can directly impact each client’s growth and success. Our work philosophy is powered by a few simple rules:
  • Responding to change over following a plan
  • Rapid iterations over big-bang campaigns
  • Test & learn using data over opinions and conventions
  • Individuals and interactions over target markets
  • Collaboration over silos and hierarchy
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BMA CO Winner

  • Gold Award: DataVerify, Lead Generation Program
  • Silver Award: InfinityQS, Annual Digital Marketing Program, Paid, Owned & Earned Media $150K+

ITSMA Winner

  • Diamond Winner: ITSMA Awards for Marketing Excellence – Small and Medium Businesses
  • Finalist: ITSMA Awards Marketing Excellence – Strengthening Brand Differentiation
  • Gold Award: Transform
Awards North America – Best Rebrand of a Digital Property
  • Highly Commended Honor: Transform Awards North America – Best Brand Evolution





    1700% Increase in Phone Calls and Store Look-ups Image

    1700% Increase in Phone Calls and Store Look-ups

    Pico engaged with a luxury multi-location jeweler to increase online sales and drive customers to find a store in their area. Our custom programs have led to increases in sales and a significant improvement in ROI.


    • Total transactions increased 5% in the first 3 months of Pico’s management compared to the prior 3 month period
    • Average transactions per month increased
  • Total dollars sold from these purchases increased 19% in the first 3 months of Pico’s management compared to the prior 3 months
  • Average dollars per month increased 142%
  • Average ROAS improved 7%
  • Calls to stores and clicks on location details increased over 1700% in the first 3 months of Pico’s management
  • Website Heatmaps Lead to 186% Increase in Conversions Image

    Website Heatmaps Lead to 186% Increase in Conversions

    We wanted to understand what was happening during the purchase process knowing users were adding the product to their cart, but abandoning before check out. There was a compelling time-sensitive coupon code, so the website performance didn’t make sense.


    • Conversion rate improved by 186%
    • Cost per conversion decreased by 30%
    • Bounce rate improved by
  • Pages per session increased by 53%
  • 160% Increase in Conversions in Just 5 Months Image

    160% Increase in Conversions in Just 5 Months

    Pico joined forces with a notable Children’s Hospital with a goal to improve their overall online presence as it relates to competitors and the children’s healthcare marketplace. See how we pair leads with analytics data to deliver results.


    • Total average monthly conversions from parents increased over 160% in the first 5 months since Pico took over the program
    • Between
    June and December of 2015 as Pico continued to refine and optimize campaigns with new strategies, monthly average conversions increased an additional 52%
  • The cost per acquisition of each of these users decreased by over 60%
  • Bounce Rate decreased 14%
  • Pages Per Session increased 27%
  • Average Time per Session increased 39%
  • Total sessions from paid search increased over 41%
  • The number of new users increased over 25%
  • 55% Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition Image

    55% Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

    We partnered with a B2B software startup to deliver qualified sales leads in an expensive and competitive industry. Our online program has led the Marketing team in overall sales and continues to propel company growth.


    • Almost 100 conversions were recorded in the first 3 full months of Pico’s program management
    • In 2016, Pico’s campaigns provided a return of over
  • The cost per acquisition of those leads decreased 55% from previous months’ data
  • Cost per click decreased 87% allowing Pico to allocate more budget to top performing terms
  • Clickthrough rate increased 10% and average position improved by 37%