Your End-to-End Digital Service Partner

Your End-to-End Digital Service Partner

Pentalog is a digital services platform dedicated to helping companies access high-quality, cost-effective talent. With a fully agile workforce spanning the globe, our service offerings power client success worldwide.

Customized IT Outsourcing Solutions

With more than 1,200 English-speaking, full-time engineers, Pentalog gives companies the power to accelerate backlog delivery and take advantage of an array of specialized technical skills.

Leveraging an established presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas, Pentalog helps clients generate and sustain growth with flexible service models to staff hard-to-fill software engineering, product development and business innovation projects.

We cover critical specialties ranging from custom development in PHP, .NET, JAVA or full-stack JavaScript to IoT & embedded engineering, from DevOps to UX/UI, from security to low code, from innovation to e-commerce, and more.

Work with vetted coders and specialists on your terms. Start with one profile or ramp up a dedicated team and we’ll customize a staffing plan to match your needs.

Create Products and Services Users Actually Love

For more than 2 decades, Pentalog has been dedicated to providing companies of all sizes with high-quality, custom digital services empowering them to deploy business-critical software and bring new ideas to life.

We cover the digital product life cycle with a suite of high-impact services tailored for each phase, from innovation to growth to maturity, letting clients access the right expertise when they need it and how they need it.

As a long-term IT partner, Pentalog helps clients boost innovation with a strong commitment to testing and iteration, working from prototype to minimal viable product to product market fit and the supporting clients as they enter to growth phase.

$25 - $49 / hr
1,000 - 9,999
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Key clients: Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York city
EduTech - Straighterline Image

EduTech - Straighterline

We’ve already developed more than 100 projects for EdTech organizations such as BETTERUP, Codie LLC, Cuny, Edis – Educational Digital Solutions, EM Normandie, Essec, Happy Future, Kaplan, Learning Tribes, Noodle, Red Academy, Socrative, Straighterline, and VR Squad.

Apple and Android mobile app development Image

Apple and Android mobile app development

In order for the GoBIG mobile app to be developed on time and budget, more time was spent during the Discovery Phase (a series of workshops with the client) to determine the four most valuable features.

Once the core features were determined, UX/UI design created a cohesive product. Development then began, using the SCRUM/

agile methodology, which allowed for flexibility in modifying features. Also, instead of building a native app, GoBIG was first built as a web platform (a desktop site) and then “wrapped” as an app for both Apple and Android.
SumUp:  Leading FinTech Start-up on a Mission to Empower Businesses Image

SumUp: Leading FinTech Start-up on a Mission to Empower Businesses

To successfully grow tech teams, companies can choose between two courses of action: either take on the task of recruiting new candidates or augment teams with external talents – which is what our client did.

Pentalog augmented SumUp teams which allowed SumUp to continue executing the roadmap without taking delays or even accelerating their plans. The first team focused on marketing acquisition solutions and the second

on customers support tools. The onboarding of Pentalog team members followed the same program as for all other SumUp employees. Subsequently, it was complemented with frequent travels to the SumUp’s office. This allowed us to build a high cohesion within the teams, which is especially important when working remotely.
Partners with Pentalog Vietnam to fuel its iOS development Image

Partners with Pentalog Vietnam to fuel its iOS development

Larvol decided to take on a team of four mobile experts consisting of one front-end and one back-end iOS developer as well as a tester and scrum master. A 3 and a half month timeline was divided into 10 sprints and set up for the completion of the project.