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Corporate Video is an excellent way to showcase your business, facilities and employees. It can be used as an powerful tool for everything from promotion and marketing to human resources.

Instead of pushing your potential clients and employees to look through your website’s text and photos for information about your company, why not show them what you’re all about by producing an upbeat, engaging, and informative corporate videowith the help of reliable corporate video production house?

You can always check out our corporate video portfolio where you can find several examples of completed corporate video projects for our clients which will be updated regularly.

Ovm Studios! Our award-winning team of expertswill make your company’s job easy. Ovm Studios is a full-service corporate video production company with over a decade of experience in the corporate video production industry. Our corporate video production crew has worked with multinational corporations, small businesses, start-ups, and research organizations on all of their video marketing and branding content needs. With our own full-service post-production studio, we are able to offer unparalleled flexibility to our clients for all their corporate video production needs. Ovm Studios is a professional, flexible, and customer-focused for all the corporate video production services you require.

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Chennai, India
  • Ovm Studios 251, Secretariat Colony, 3rd Cross Street, Thoraipakkam, Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR)
    Chennai, TN 600097


Bymaa Laboratories - Corporate Film

Great working with Bymaa Laboratories - in its Pondicherry facility for their Corporate Film!

Vox Patnam Kovalam - Corporate Video

It was a meritorious experience to work with Vox Patnam - Kovalamfor their Corporate Video!

Vox Vanam - Kodaikanal Estate Bungalow - Film

An organic coffee estate stretched over 40 acres in Kodaikanal hills, houses plantation such as Coffee, Pepper, Nutmeg, Orange, Cloves, Avocado and Jack fruit which is close to mother nature, hear birds chirp, breath taking Western Ghats view, tracks for trekking to keep the fitness freaks impelling. It's equally true that the best conversations occur around a campfire. Safely enjoy the Bonfire with music and dance. We can

organise for barbecue grills and skewers, so that you can cook your favourite dishes on your own. Also enjoy our traditional Tamil mouth-watering delicacies to titillate your taste buds. 

Corporate Video Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India

Corporate Video for Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India - a leading supplier of Plastic molded components for Hyundai Motors.

Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India approached Ovm Studiosto create an informative and

visually appealing corporate video which they could utilize at trade shows. The result is a video that will captivate the attention of viewers and paint a picture of the company that will entice and draw new customers in.

When deciding on what direction this corporate video should go in the initial meeting with the Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India team, they had expressed the need for a video that would be able to tell a story simply through visuals. The sales team at Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India were utilizing an old presentation with images and video clips of their products embedded within it, to highlight what their company does for potential clients at Trade Shows. So they were interested in a video that could replace their current offering, to attract new clients.

After that meeting and subsequent site survey, the Ovm Studios put together a shortlist for the corporate video that captured the essence not only of the company’s products and services but their additional and very beneficial offerings. Things such as custom engineered solutions, delivery services, as well as their diverse staff and speciality equipment were all highlighted.

Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India is also revamped their training facility at Oragadam which is inaugurated by Hyundai Motors India. To our surprise, Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India awarded the production of its human resource training video to Ovm Studios for their newly launched training centre to provide training for their prospective and existing human resources.

Ovm Studios is very glad to have been able to work on this corporate video and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India team.

Argo Hytos Corporate Video Post-production

We worked with ARGO-HYTOS - in its Coimbatore facility for their Corporate Video and it was great working with the team.