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Orange Element provides integrated design and communications services for companies that want to make a clear connection between an audience and a brand. We approach every opportunity focused on strategic planning and a commitment to deliver effective design solutions. This approach, coupled with our clients'​ unique stories, gains us a trusted partnership and better brand experience for everyone.

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Key clients: 

USO, ONE, Atlantic Council, Results for Development, Annie E. Casie Foundation, OneMain Financial, Bankers Health Group, MedStar, Johns Hopkins University, Luminis

Mortgage Lending Rebrand Image

Mortgage Lending Rebrand

Communicating a consistent brand
Because hundreds of agents represent First Home, the company sought a way to create marketing collateral that would remain on brand, yet personalized to individual agents. To tackle this challenge, we first needed to refresh the current brand to better communicate with a younger demographic. The new identity would then be translated across multiple marketing channels in

which agents can sell their services.

As we addressed First Home’s brand, we immersed ourselves in what their team envisioned for themselves moving forward: a modern, refreshed voice that welcomes and educates customers while staying true to the mission of the company. With this information, we created logo options, type treatments, and a updated color palette to push the brand in a new direction while maintaining equity found in the company’s history.

Today, loan officers promote First Home’s brand with excitement and pride. Their team receives many requests for more marketing material that follows brand standards, indicating customers are also happy with First Home’s momentum transforming into a more personal, modern organization. Customers and employees alike are inspired by First Home’s new brand and marketing materials that support their mission.

Chaney Enterprises Rebrand Image

Chaney Enterprises Rebrand

Maintaining a Trusted Brand
Chaney has spent over 50 years establishing its name and stellar reputation. So we knew that the challenge would be to find a way to update, polish and strengthen their brand while maintaining its rich heritage.

After spending time with the leadership team, our recommendations included a few primary adjustments for positioning the name and identity. That included

emphasizing the “Chaney” in the company’s logo, to continue building on the proud name has become synonymous with quality and trust.

A new logo identity, refined set of brand tenets and brand guidelines, have given Chaney the tools they need to continue moving their brand forward. The company’s pride in their new brand identity can be seen every day on roads throughout the region – with colorful Chaney cement trucks boasting their updated look.

Horizon Builders Website & Collateral Image

Horizon Builders Website & Collateral

Clarifying an Outdated Brand
Horizon Builders recently saw the need to differentiate themselves from Alliance Builders, their sister company that builds and renovates homes with the same quality construction—and, sometimes, the same team members. Additionally, Horizon’s identity relied on elements from the original conception of the company in 1982; it needed a refresh to bring the brand


To showcase Horizon’s beautiful craftsmanship, our team directed full-day photoshoots with their construction team on-site. This gave us custom photography to use throughout the new website, along with detailed photos of completed homes, as seen in their case studies.

Branding a new kind of coworking space Image

Branding a new kind of coworking space

A New Coworking Concept
The Brick Companies came to us to help create a name and identity for their new coworking spaces. We began with a series of initial meetings where we learned about the business plan and asked exploratory questions about their vision for the business. Then, with a solid understanding of their goals and audience, we conducted market research, identifying competitors and comparators,

and forming a picture of the existing coworking landscape. All of these pieces then came together to inform a set of unique brand tenets that would set them apart from the likes of Regus and WeWork.

The coworking trend was real, and still young—the perfect balance for the addition of a thoughtfully-designed concept that is modern but not “hip,” flexible but not flippant, and productive and professional, but with personality. Thus, the new operation would stand for flexibility, freedom, collaboration, stability, autonomy, and success.

From these foundational principles, we went on to a naming exercise, building a set of names and symbols that could make sense for their new offering. We explored concepts inspired by company’s origins manufacturing brick with symbols reminiscent of building, blueprints, and masonry, as well as options based on the ideas of flexibility, entrepreneurship, and community. Ultimately, the name Launch Workplaces was selected, accompanied by a logo symbol that represents separate entities coming together to form something greater than the individual parts.

We assembled a toolkit of brand and style guidelines, and their internal team used it for several years as the business moved through it’s early growth phases. Their vision was a good one: Launch Workplaces started seeing success and was gaining momentum quickly. In 2018, they found themselves in need of professional marketing and sales collateral, so The Brick Companies gave us another call.


Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Image

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

A Trusted Institution
With circulation of more than 35,000, Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine is distributed to Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Alumni; nurses at four Hopkins-affiliated hospitals; current, newly accepted, & prospective nursing students; nursing schools and nurse leaders; donors, friends, media, and legislators; and University hospitals and libraries.

Wide Reach,

Modern Needs
The school approached Orange Element for a redesign seeking to update and modernize the magazine’s look and feel, re-organize the content, and design and implement a digital strategy.

Strategic Focus
Successful publications are all about focus. They must be driven by thoughtful concepting, great design, understanding how to speak to specific audiences, and seamless digital-print integration. These are the things that informed our approach to the Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine, which we completely redesigned starting with the Spring 2014 issue.

Amplifying a Global Brand's Voice Image

Amplifying a Global Brand's Voice

ONE is a global nonprofit organization advocating for action against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. As an effort to improve accessibility to education for girls all around the world, ONE created the Poverty is Sexist campaign, which launched a year prior to Orange Element’s collaboration with this project.

This massive effort required a strong narrative and identity to rally global

support and awareness—ONE needed help tackling both. While the campaign and its mission were a huge success after the initial launch, ONE realized they needed to apply it across channels to enrich the campaign. Our job was to get it off the ground; they brought us in to help strengthen the core of the campaign and launch it to a wider audience.