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Key clients: 

LinkedIn, Primark, Guinness, Lidl, Trinity College Dublin, KPMG, Credit Agricole, Central Bank, IDA, 3 Arena, Salesforce, Lifestyle Sports, Aer Lingus, Core HR, Wavemaker, Citibank, PWC, Novartis, Boots, Qantas, Smithwicks, Brown Thomas.

Brown Thomas - Xmas Ad.

Brown Thomas wanted to create an ad plus a series of social videos for their Christmas 2018 campaign that would reflect the theme for their famous Christmas windows. In 2018 the theme was “Showtime” – with lush costumes inspired by 1950’s Hollywood. The ad was also to tie in strongly to the photo and magazine campaign the retail store was to release in the Christmas season. The ad was shown in cinemas nationwide in the run up to
Christmas 2018, on all BT channels, and the social media cutdowns are in use extensively on BT social media. Ads were booked in for RTE and TV3 VOD – and all released to coincide with the launch of the Brown Thomas Christmas windows.

LinkedIn - Recruitment Video

LinkedIn Operations in Dublin Ireland are growing at a massive rate and this growth is fueled by a stream of international new hires. The company wanted to make a video for advertisement use on its own platform to recruit to its sales department. One Productions shot the video over the course of a few days, concentrating on informal interviews and background shots of the teams at work. The video was used extremely successfully on
the LinkedIn platform and increased recruitment applications in the targeted sectors. Additional recruitment videos were ordered on the back of the success of this initial initiative.

Salesforce - Recruitment Video

Recruitment is the constant challenge for tech firms, and sales SAAS giant Salesforce wanted to generate interest and applications for a number of roles in the organisation. One Productions worked closely with the internal Salesforce team to plan and produce the videos, which highlighted not only the professional benefits of working at Salesforce, but also the personal and inspirational aspects of life at the company. In a number
of profiles, shot internationally, team members shared hobbies and family life as well as work and goals. The video has been used in a range of recruitment activities by Salesforce.
To launch their new Inspired By range – Centra comissioned One Productions for a series of social videos highlighting the premium food offering. One Productions food styled and shot a series of new Inspired By products and delivered a range of social clips. The clips were of such high quality that Centra decided to use the repurposed footage for a major TV campaign to promote the new range – setting the Centra offering apart in
the eyes of the consumer.

Aer Lingus - April Fool's Viral Video

Aer Lingus had an ambitious idea to help promote the Aer Lingus International Hurling Festival. They wanted to create a viral April Fool’s video to not only promote the event, but to entertain their customers and create brand awareness. Well-versed in the ways of viral videos, One Production created several concepts for the video before deciding on creating a mock infomercial-style video. It showed Aer Lingus injecting a dose
Irish-ness into their new procedures, including using a hurley to serve snacks! After an intense round of promotion and distribution leading up to April Fool’s day, the clip was picked up by Buzzfeed and rated in the top 10 April Fool’s virals. The clip received 70,000 views in one day.

US Embassy - JFK Commemorative Video.

The video was part of an exhibition and website in partnership with the U.S. Embassy, JFK Presidential Library in Boston, the National Archives and RTE. Contributions from: Sarah Bolger, Mike Feeney Callan, Sharon Corr, Roddy Doyle, Moya Doherty, Sergeant Margaret Flanagan, Jamie Heaslip, Micheal O Muircheartaigh, Mark Pollock, Robert Sheehan, Jim Sheridan, Ryan Tubridy & Laura Whitmore.

Claimvantage - explainer for online claims processing software

Claimvantage wanted a new animated explainer video to explain and showcase their offering, in time for an important trade conference. One Productions storyboarded and animated the video in record time, delivering the animation in time for the high profile first showing.

LauraLynn - Nonprofit Event

Laura Lynn tasked One Productions with creating a video about their second ever wheelchair-centered, original production at the Abbey Theatre. One Productions created a heartwarming video about the children and families who took part in this support program, as well as the process of putting together the show. The video can now be used to promote all of Laura Lynn’s support programs, specifically highlighting this ongoing series
of productions, and it acts as a keepsake for the families involved.