Digital production & web development agency

Octagram Creative is a digital agency that specializes in the production of digital assets and web development. We help brands create/adapt content for online and offline channels and develop remarkable websites.

We are committed to always meet excellence in our projects and we have built long term partnerships with European e-commerce departments of global companies: Nikon, Nike, ASICS and Tommy Hilfiger. 

$50 - $99 / hr
2 - 9
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Craiova, Romania


Key clients: 
  • Nike EMEA
  • Tommy Hilfiger EMEA
  • NIKON Imaging
  • Bohemia Amsterdam
  • Bomburo Amsterdam
  • ZDNet Belgium

NIKE - affiliates banners design and localisation

A selection of banners designed and localised for NIKE EMEA - Brand Digital Design team.

NIKE FLYKNIT COLLECTION - email design and localisation

We have been working for 7+ years with NIKE EMEA - Brand Digital Design on email design & localisations.

For this project the request was to create the design for a gender targetted email. redesign & migration to new CMS

What? Completely new technology platform

Why? To providing news, analysis and background in IT, technology and science.

Who? Minoc Media Services

How? Web design and development by Octagram

Development Time? 3 months

Total development time? 8

months launched in December 2016, by Minoc Media Services, as Belgium was in need of an IT platform that brings more than just IT news. was designed and developed on a WordPress CMS by the agency OCTAGRAM, which previously designed and developed several other websites for Minoc Media Services:,,


After two months of being live was in rapidly grown to become one of the largest IT sites in Belgium with 75,000 unique visitors and 200,000 page views per month. Moreover, the website is still growing every week with at least 10%. This strong performance is due to a well thought out concept and a good implementation.

Video compositing for ASICS Brussel store.

Quite a complex editing project, a video that needed to be converted from a landscape to a portrait form factor without having the original footage or the editable project.

Special effects technics have been employed to reconstruct part of frames where burned in graphics needed to be removed. The video has been cut into multiple clips for reframing and recomposing as well as recreating the over-imposed graphics to fit

the campaign look and feel. - logo and mobile first design

Mock-ups, logo and favicon for the beta version of, a sneakers rateing web app.

NIKE Hypervenom 3 - email design

NIKE - email design for prelaunch campaigns

Email design for prelaunch comunication to be sent to newsletter subscribers.

NIKE - Pendleton NIKEiD take-over

Mockups for the NIKE - Pendleton NIKEiD campaign, take-over banners to be used on external blogs.

ASICS - Feel the Rush

Video editing for ASICS Brussel store.

OCTAGRAM agency was supplied with a landscape format marketing video which was edited by cutting and reframing the sections to fit the new portrait format and recreating the over-imposed graphics to fit the campaign look and feel.

NIKE - National Team Kits banners - design & localisation

A series of banners for NIKE National team kits, designed and localized for EMEA countries.

AIR JORDAN 11 RETRO - background takeover on external blogs

ASICS - video postprocessing

Video post-processing and editing for ASICS Brussel store.