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Nuage is a boutique tech provider focused on working with start-ups and small-medium businesses. We work with our customers to deliver business-aligned, cost-effective, efficient and secure solutions using our StartIT Model.

Our Digital tech team helps uses Agile Development and DevSecOps to deliver Mobile Apps, Business Applications, Data Visualization, Analytics, and Quality Assurance services. We provide full-stack Cloud Services covering Architecture, Design, Enablement and 24X7X365 support.

Nuage provides these through focus on

Mobility – We have developed Native and Hybrid Apps using SWIFT, JAVA, KOTLIN, IONIC, Objective C, Xamarin and Flutter

API development – Our API development service ensures that whatever the user interface (web/mobile/desktop), all logic operates through APIs providing security and manageability

Analytics and Insight – Our services cover every part of the information spectrum, from data collection and analytics through to reporting and presentation that help you glean the right insights into your business

Cloud Services - comprising of advisory, migration, design, security and management services, our cloud service help you build and manage your cloud infrastructure


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Magic Genie - the House Doctor for your family Image

Magic Genie - the House Doctor for your family

An India based professional home services start-up, Magic Genie, had worked with 2 technology companies (the second one after we had put in a proposal) prior to approaching us. Having paid a lot of money and being not at all happy with what they had gotten in return (nothing that they could go live with), they were skittish when we started talking to them. Our functional experts spent time understanding their business and

designing a solution fit for need. We designed all the screens – for the App as well as the CRM, and walked them through the solution to convince them that they would get the right solution. They have been using our platform for the past six months and managing their complete business on it. They have expanded from one city to four without us having to do any changes to the platform for performance. Over these 6 months we have implemented several functional enhancements to the platform.
urMuv - Redefine the way you decide on your next residential move Image

urMuv - Redefine the way you decide on your next residential move

uRMuv is an App designed for the US market by a retired CIO who had worked with the US government. The app’s purpose is to help people, specially war vets, when they want to move to a new city or area within the US. After being disappointed by his developer, he came to us in mid-2017.

We took over the iOS app running on Azure without any transition. We have since delivered multiple releases and have also redeveloping

the platform by moving the business logic to the server side from the App and delivering the Android App.
Talking Homes - Monitor and control your Talking Homes whenever and wherever you are. Image

Talking Homes - Monitor and control your Talking Homes whenever and wherever you are.

Talking homes is an IoT based home automation platform. The founders had an idea that would address some of the key challenges to home automation by removing the hassles of wiring and communications over WiFi. We designed the software platform to go along with their hardware to provide a software configurable home automation platform that could be designed from individual building blocks, configured and implemented by a trained

Electrician. We used off the shelf hardware for the controller and developed the application along with the Apps for TH. We also manage it for them. We had to design the solution keeping security as a key design tenant. Given the recent horror stories around security in internet connected home devices, we feel vindicated.