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Logistics Solution

Our logistics and supply chain solution streamlines the ordering and tracking of oilfield products. Users can create and track orders, manage inventory, receive notifications, automate location status updates using geofences, calculate hauling costs, and more.

Forms Automation Solution

Our Forms Automation solution incorporates powerful text editing and collaboration tools that can be found in applications like Google Docs and Word Online, however we've extended these text editing capabilities significantly by incorporating AcroForm fields, data processing tools, and digital signature functionality.

Inventory Management Solution

Our inventory management solution includes RFID readers that are placed on conveyor belts and connect to an IoT gateway that synchronizes inventory and container data across several cloud platforms. Readers can also be used to automatically check containers in or out of storage locations. All container and inventory data is easily visualized on our dashboard interface.

Project Management Solution

Our Project management solution allows users to quickly add a project along with all corresponding tasks. Resources can quickly be assigned to any task using drag and drop. The solution helps optimize resource allocation based on resource availability which is managed directly in the application.

Payment Processing Solution

Our funding and payment processing solution was allows trucking companies and their drivers to automated payment processing. Trucking companies can quickly apply for funding based on invoice factoring, and pay their drivers directly through the applications.

Real Estate Listing Solution

Our Real Estate solution allows sellers and buyers to connect online and complete a real estate transaction. Sellers and buyers are able to utilize the same types tools that real estate agents leverage and realize significant cost savings by eliminating commissions.