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Noon Dalton is a leading provider of skilled Virtual Employees and Assistants to businesses and entrepreneurs throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. We are a US based company with operations in India and the Philippines allowing us to offer back office support and accent neutral callers. Based on our over 15 years outsourcing experience we not only provide the amazing staff, but also the best way to structure your processes.

Services Noon Dalton Provides: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Lead Generation, Web Research, Phone Research, Business Process Documentation, Social Media Management (Facebook, Linkedin, etc), CRM Management, Contact management, Recruiting, Reporting, Scheduling, Customer Service Support, and Website Administration.

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Data Entry & Cleansing for IT Company

"Their service is an excellent work tool."

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The Project
Less than $10,000
2015 - Ongoing
The Reviewer
51-200 Employees
IT Director, Information Technology Company
The Review

Why does your company require back office services? Did you use to handle these needs in-house?

We use this service to minimize the time required to manage different departments. It reduces administrative costs significantly by having a highly qualified staff for this type of management. The outsourced company has the time designated for these tasks that has optimized and improved response time, helping to make the customer experience remarkable.

What type of work can your internal staff avoid by using a back office service?

With back-office services, our administrative staff avoids performing tasks designated to manage the company itself. They also do not have direct contact with the client for issues such as computer and communication tasks, human resources, management, accounting or finance.

What were your company’s goals for the partnership with this service provider?

Our goal was to improve our performance.


What do they provide for you on a normal basis?

They provide support for various projects.

Could you describe their pricing structure and how they bill you?

We are billed through a financing contract.

How did you find and select them?

We found them via an online search.


Please assess their quality of work.

They provide an excellent quality of service.

How much time and money do you estimate that they save you each month?

They save us $1,000 a month.

Based on your experience, what takeaways can you share about working with them?

Their service is an excellent work tool.

What do you think are their strengths?

They are really strong in everything.

Where do you think they can improve?

There is nothing they need to improve. They are fine.​​​​​​​

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