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We want our projects to arouse curiosity and admiration, to encourage users to reflect and to play - because that's when people really connect with your brand.


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Gdynia, Poland


Kepinski Law Office Image

Kepinski Law Office

Our challenge was to create a website that would be responsive to the needs of various specific groups. Business personnel required a fast website which provided easy access to the office. Clients and potential clients of the law firm needed to gain an understanding of how attorneys cold help solve their problem, so we created a Case Studies section, as well as a Blog Section to accommodate these readers. 

Space Misfits redesign Image

Space Misfits redesign

Our challenge was to create a website meeting the needs of players. Both the game and the first website had something from the 80s. Glowing neon lights, purple and pink intermingled in every possible place. Immediately came to mind the series that we saw in childhood. We decided that the project will have an element of those years, but we will combine it with a strong exposure of the main characters of the game. Grid, outer

space, planets, spaceships, lasers and shooter. All this creates an amazing combination, and soon you will be able to experience it yourself.