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We craft aware winning custom websites that help grow your business. Over the past decade, our clients continue to rave about our custom built website solutions developed on our own content management system, Caboose. We honed in on the one thing that sets us apart from everyone else - the web. From our on-boarding process to our hands-on client relationship, to our ongoing support and love - we do websites. We are amazing at it. We love it.

All the websites we design are responsive, mobile-friendly layouts that look great on any device. 

What’s the value of Digital Marketing? Simple. Digital Marketing can give you real trackable growth. That means you can measure exactly how many leads or sales your marketing budget earned. No mysteries. Just hard numbers. Traditional marketing services like billboards, print ads, TV, radio, and direct mail can increase the awareness of your business, but they usually can’t tell you exactly how many leads or sales were generated from the dollars you spent. Digital Marketing can. With services like Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO),  Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing we can help you get real trackable results. 

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Tuscaloosa, AL
  • 2711 University Boulevard, Suite 151
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
    United States
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  • 2231 Morris Avenue, Suite 260
    Birmingham, AL 35401
    United States


Key clients: 
Alabama Association of REALTORS, City of Tuscaloosa, City of Northport, City of Oxford, John Deere, University of Alabama, Alabama Real Estate Commission, Alabama Center for Real Estate, Sealy Realty, Red Diamond, Shelton State Community College, Wallace Community College, West Alabama Chamber of Commerce, Harrison Construction, Georgia Pacific Corporation, Phifer, Inc., Westervelt Company, Med Center, Tuscaloosa Radiology Clinic, Parker Towing.
City of Tuscaloosa Website Image

City of Tuscaloosa Website

Gold ADDY for Tuscaloosa.com! The website also won Best of Show - Online/Interactive!

Finalist - Top 4 for governmental websites in the United States! - Adobe Creative.

Since launch on October 25, 2018 Tuscaloosa.com has received over half a million page views, and is still hitting its target of users getting to their final destinations within three clicks with an average of 2.6 pages per session. Comparing the

analytics from a typical February, the new Tuscaloosa.com has seen a 13% increase in traffic across the board.


Alabama Association of REALTORS Image

Alabama Association of REALTORS

The Nine has been working alongside the Alabama Association of REALTORS since 2012.  We just launched the newest version of their website that is one of the best association sites of any fifty states.  It will allow REALTORS to access their profiles, additional classes and much more.  The Nine is super excited to have this amazing partnership and look forward to continuing to make our state the best it can be.

Tuscaloosa Park and Recreation Authority Image

Tuscaloosa Park and Recreation Authority

TCPARA's new site will have a robust programs and activities.  The site will have the ability to search all locations and facilities making the site easy to navigate for end users.

The Nine is also creating sites for Ol' Colony Golf Course and Tusaloosa Tennis Center.  The project is set to launch July 2020.

Tuscaloosa County Sheriffs Image

Tuscaloosa County Sheriffs

The Nine worked alongside the Tusaloosa Sheriff's Office to showcase what the Sheriff's office is all about.  The Nine worked to incorporate pistol permit applications, search capabilities for who's in jail, warrants and more.

Warrior Tractor Image

Warrior Tractor

Warrior Tractor needed a site that was responsive and could help them drive new business online.  The Nine worked alongside John Deere, Hitachi and several other key players to create a site that brought Warrior Tractor on par with their vendors.

Alabama Real Estate Commission Image

Alabama Real Estate Commission

Robby and his team are as knowledgeable about the front edge technology as any company with which I am familiar. He has demonstrated the interest and ability to listen deeply to organizational needs and objectives. Further he has demonstrated the talent and ability of an energetic creative team to offer translations of expectations until satisfaction with proposed implementations has been achieved.

Fitts Agency Image

Fitts Agency

We worked alongside Fitts Agency in creating personas for their website to work with their target audiences to create a website that is built to convert.  With smartbot technologies and an easy to use content management system in Caboose, the Fitts Agency has increased their online conversions by 400 percent in the first month of the sites launch.