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As a vibrant company, NexGenSm thrives to provide next-level solutions to businesses worldwide as well as support and bridge with exceptional technology Startups and Growing Companies to unroll upcoming innovations to real world. We encourage technologists, scientists, innovators and environmentalists to collaborate with us to support their ideas and dreams to materialize and make the world a better place with the help of technology.


As an initial upstart of this futuristic journey, NexGenSm has acquired Exalt, a 14 year old company that has vast technical know-how and strong client base, who have helped different companies attain multi-billion dollar status.

NexGenSm hunger to evolve into a one stop solution for your every IT needs has created a space to dive into the ever evolving IT industry to bring companies and technologies to a new level.

Our proven expertise has brought immense growth to our Clients and thus leading to many success stories that speaks a story of its own.

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clikEze is an app for Online food ordering from associate restaurants. Based upon the orders, the customers will get the loyalty bonus, which they can redeem for next orders.

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First Flag realty is a Realty website to list the properties from MLS and then buy, sell or rent the properties. Agent information search and display is also supported. 

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azuzoo offers the opportunity to travel to exciting countries. Now the website hosts travel and tour packages for 3 different part of the world with many different packages for each area.

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TheFind is a discovery Shopping Search Engine. It is the only comparison shopping platform with retail/product based crawling capabilities that rivals that of the Google Shopping Platform.

It has now been acquired by Facebook. 

DICOM Application Image

DICOM Application

DICOM/PACS Integration Software with a worklist management to synchronize the gap of communication between a Hospital system PACS Server and Worklist. Worklist Server and a USG portable will contain medical scanned images, test reports of patients, including their treatment and other necessary details of the patient health.



EDCMS is a Dental Practice Management software which includes dental/clinic/hospital management, the setting of complete digital dental office, dental x-rays along with dental patient motivation software.

Ezecensus Image


Ezecensus is an online dynamic survey solution that offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features that allows the government /Corporates to carry out the survey of anything including Demographic surveys, Property surveys, Human/Livestock census and customer/employee satisfaction surveys.

Foreclosure Image


Foreclosure is a Realty Oriented Auction Website. Foreclosure gathers information from the internet and other Auction websites. The application is supplied with data scrapped automatically by robots in one large table. Each robot serves a very specific purpose, to gather data for an auction location, at a specific time.



IBTOT is a web portal which deals with the flight booking, hotel booking, cars and other services.

Lead Tracking System Image

Lead Tracking System

Lead Tracking System was developed for Best Buy Autos, Australia for tracking the leads who come for buying the second hand cars from Best Buy Autos.

NISH Image


NISH India is a University for Speech and Hearing impaired. We have done multiple projects for facilitating admissions, outcome measurement and cochlear implant. 

OAMS - Online Admission Management System

OMMS - Outcome Measurement Management System

SCIP - Sruthitharangam Cochlear Implant Program

ResWye Image


ResWye is a Realty single window system for Agents and Customers for listing, buying, selling and renting the properties. The properties are listed from various sources including FFR and the leads for the agents are tracked through the app. 

Peervue Image


Peervue was a DICOM based Radiology Project which automates the process of managing interpretation of QA and provides dashboard tools which display in real time the current interpretation quality performance level of radiologists, fellows, residents and other clinical staff involved in diagnostic radiology interpretation such as Emergency room physicians and other clinical staff.

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Higher Logic

Higher Logic is a social media site with actionable tools to build, launch and grow a customer community. Organisations worldwide use Higher Logic to bring like-minded people together, by giving their community a home, where they can meet, share ideas, answer questions and stay connected.