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From 2013, Newborntown began to build the Solo Aware AI engine. After five years working on it, Newborntown has made several breakthroughs and obtained many patents in the field of AI. Its main research directions are focused on information identification, automatic planning, intelligent search, AI games, etc., and its main application directions are mobile content optimization, precision mobile marketing, intelligent content in e-commerce, etc.

With the Solo Aware AI engine, Newborntown has released a series of mobile apps for users worldwide, explicitly the Solo X product matrix. Solo X covers almost all categories of mobile products, such as personalized mobile phones, security, anti-virus, music, entertainment, fitness, beauty, photography, leisure games, etc. Recognized products include: Solo Launcher, Solo Locker, Free Music Plus, Abs Workout, Words Up, Pixel Artwork, etc. In addition, the company also has a deep outline in the field of mobile marketing. Combined with AI marketing, the company has launched the Solo Math advertising service platform. Currently, it has provided service to thousands of advertisers and media developers around the world, with more than 500 million daily advertisement clicks per day. In 2017, Newborntown launched the platform of Solo RTB on the basis of Solo Math, and officially entered the field of programmatic purchase, and continued to make rigorous efforts in the fields of precision marketing and real-time matching.

In 2017, the company expanded its business territory further, established the brand of Solo Buy, and formally entered the field of content e-commerce. With the support of the core engine of Solo Aware, it produced tens of thousands of high-quality e-commerce texts every day, and accurately reached the target population with the largest shopping purpose.

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Beijing, China
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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile & App Marketing
  • Mobile App Development
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