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NeuronicWorks Inc. is a design & engineering house specialized in custom electronic product development, located at the heart of Canada’s leading tech community, Toronto. NeuronicWorks focuses its efforts on helping companies develop innovative solutions and new products that keep abreast with the future of technological progress.

Established in 2009 by a couple of visionary engineers, the company has grown into a powerful design house with a diverse team of over 30 designers and engineers and more than 150 successfully completed projects. NeuronicWorks provides support in all phases of product development, from initial concept design to manufacturing and certification.

Our broad experience in electronic product design and software development across a wide variety of industries gives us confidence to get the job done for a project of any complexity.

Areas of expertise:

  • Electronics Hardware Design
  • Firmware Development
  • Software Development
  • Web & Mobile Apps
  • Industrial Design
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Branding

We have worked closely with a diverse portfolio of clients, companies and industries across Canada and the United States. We leverage our combined experience and unique approach to solve any technical challenge.

Some of the industries we have served include: industrial, automotive, IoT, medical, wearables, transportation, agriculture.

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Toronto, Canada


Key clients: 

20/20 Armor, DynaCert, Seam, iMerciv, Objex Unlimited, IFTECH Inc., uConekt Inc., Armstrong Fluid Technologies, Elevety Inc., Zeitdice, SonicWear.

A4 Circulator Image

A4 Circulator

With expertise in fluid flow, heat transfer and demand-based control our client leads the fluid systems industry for industrial heating and cooling by providing the most energy efficient and cost-effective solutions to building professionals and owners around the globe.

For the circulators projects our team developed industrial grade hardware and optimized C based firmware. We have also helped with the industrial design

of the A4 circulator and we supported the mechanical design.

The A4 is a modern based controller which provides faster computation power for better controller response. The circular advances the features in A1 functionality by providing more modes of operation and in-field firmware upgrade for maintenance. Interface UART, Analog/Digital Input, 8-Segment Displays, Button Input.

De Pump Controller Image

De Pump Controller

With expertise in fluid flow, heat transfer and demand-based control our client leads the fluid systems industry for industrial heating and cooling by providing the most energy efficient and cost-effective solutions to building professionals and owners around the globe.

Following A1 and later A4 circulator projects, our team was tasked to design one of the most advanced circular control system, which enhances A1/A4

features with touch LCD, customizable system setup, scheduling and auto operation.

Built with advanced micro-controller the device provides Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for remote monitoring, integration with building automation system (BACnet), building pump network in-between themselves for tandem & failsafe operation and allows automatic system upgrade securely. The controller also hosts web pages to view device information securely with multiple layers of user access control. Interface LCD, Resistive touch, Ethernet, WiFi, RS485 (UART), SPI.

A1 Circulator Image

A1 Circulator

With expertise in fluid flow, heat transfer and demand-based control our client leads the fluid systems industry for industrial heating and cooling by providing the most energy efficient and cost-effective solutions to building professionals and owners around the globe.

We developed for our client a family of fluid circulators, that are capable of performing in various modes. For instance, constant pressure, constant

flow, proportional flow, adaptive and self-optimized operation based on previous pump data and sophisticated algorithms like sensorless reverse mapping for pump control. Multiple control option including patented auto mode which adjusts the speed to match the flow demand.

Build with Renesas highly secure temper-proof controller. System features v clog/lock detection, dry-pipe detection and fail-safe mode for efficient and safe operation. Interface - UART, Analog/Digital Input, 8-Segment Displays, Button Input.

Somo Image


Somo is a wireless, wearable motion-tracking device that turns movement into music. It is meant to be used as a tool to inspire collaboration and creativity in people of all ages and abilities. The goal is to create a safe and comfortable space for exploring body movement. Designed for SonicWear, a Canadian company.

Our team was approached by SonicWear to help with new version of their concept wearable device. Our task

was to design a new version of hardware and a ready for production PCB board, along with the new firmware.

We worked closely with the client to make sure the new hardware and firmware worked well with the existing software. For the new PCB board, we developed a few prototypes of the new case enclosure. 

iMerciv Image


The BuzzClip is a small wearable for people that are blind or partially sighted. The device uses ultrasound to detect obstacles that may lie directly in one’s path. It then notifies the user of these obstacles through intuitive vibrations, allowing the user to safely navigate around any objects that they may encounter. Designed for iMerciv, a Canadian company.

NeuronicWorks was tasked to design the firmware that allows

to detect obstacles and provides a variety of feedback depending on the proximity of the obstacle.
Domio Image


Domio is a helmet-mounted audio device that uses Vibro-Audio™ to create an amazing audio experience on the inside. The proprietary Vibro-Audio™ technology sends tiny micro-vibration pulses into the shell of the helmet creating a dome of audio on the inside. No wires, no earbuds, no fuss.

We designed the hardware (including the PCB and internal components) and the firmware for this product. Our goal was to achieve stable

performance of Vibro-Audio™ technology that reverberates the sound through and into the helmet, rather than transmitting it outside. 

Our industrial design team supported the client’ original design and implemented adjustments for the proper placement and fit of the hardware components. Our team helped the client with prototyping the device to perfect the design.

Cobra Image


Cobra 3D full-body scanner is the world’s most advanced, full-body Photogrammetry Instant Capture System. Uncompromising quality, elegant design, robust construction, and powerful technology, make the COBRA system fast, efficient and reliable. Like its predecessor Selftraits, 120+ photos are captured instantaneously and digitally stitched to create a 3D model. From here, once the rendering is created, the possibilities are

endless. Designed for PICS 3D, a division of Objex Unlimited, and sister affiliate of Selftraits.

NeuronicWorks was presented with the challenge to design the hardware, firmware, software and web application for the 3D body scanner. We worked closely with our partner Objex Unlimited and made the most elegant looking 3D body scanner to date.

Full-body Photogrammetry Instant Capture system was designed for superior studio integration and event experiences. The system is able to take and process almost instantly numerous numbers of photos and convert them into an accurate 3D model. Our hardware and firmware team worked hard to achieve fast and stable performance of the scanner.

For easy control of the 3D body scanner, NeuronicWorks team developed proprietary software that allows the client easily to process the images and generate 3D model.

Zeitdice Image


With only the touch of a button, you can create and share stunning time-lapse videos. Made to endure any type of climate, the Zeitdice is a fully weatherproof camera that shoots beautiful 1080p HD photos at any interval of your choosing. With both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in, this makes for the most intuitive and advanced time-lapse camera to date. Developed for Zeitdice , a company based out of Toronto.


was tasked to design hardware and firmware for the Zeitdice time-lapse camera. Our team assisted the client with mechanical design and prototyping of the initial product versions.

We worked closely with the client to achieve stable performance of the hardware and firmware. The time-lapse camera was engineered to make high quality time-lapse photography as easy as possible.

Lynk Image


The Lynk (Lynk – Protecting your digital identity on your smartphone! TM) is a smart mobile device to safeguard and secure your personal and private data available on your smartphone. Lynk allows you to securely store your private data and you are the only person allowed to securely access it from anywhere in the world at any time. It also allows you to locate your phone when misplaced and provide alerts to avoid losing your

smartphone. The device incorporates NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity with your smartphone through its mobile app. Designed for uConekt Inc., a Canadian based mobile technology company.

Our team was tasked to design the complete system (HW, FW, APP) and come up with the look of the initial prototype of the Lynk device.

We used client's proposed use-case scenario as a starting point for the initial concept design of the prototype. At the same time, our hardware and firmware engineers created a miniature hardware for the device, that could be enclosed in the proposed shape.

We assisted the client with software development of accompanying mobile application. The App allows the user to control the device and to be able to set user preferences for data storage, control and notifications.

Lotus Image


The Lotus device is a fashion-forward, gender-neutral wearable device that tethers to the app via Bluetooth, allowing for remote control of the app’s features. Without fumbling for your phone, you can easily and quickly use the Lotus to activate tracking and sharing of your GPS location, photo, and audio data. It also allows you to make hands-free phone calls in emergency situations to your nearest guardians, or local emergency

services on Android OS only.
Designed by Twenty2B for Seam, a Canadian company.

Provided with an initial industrial design, we transformed this idea into a reality by designing the hardware, firmware, and mechanical features of this device. The challenge of this project was to fit all desired functionality into a small coin-like shape.

NeuronicWorks team creatively integrated all the requirements, including a bidirectional audio communication channel and long-lasting battery. While small and with only two buttons the Lotus unit is an example of elaborate user interactions using only RGB LEDs for feedback.

20/20 Armor Image

20/20 Armor

20/20 Armor is an electronic chestguard for all martial arts. This technology gamifies martial arts, making it fun and engaging through its multiple built-in game modes, which teach the fundamentals of sparring such as timing, power, and speed. It is used to make training fun and helps club owners significantly increase their bottom line by attracting and retaining students. The founders are club owners and National Team

members themselves, with decades of experience. 20/20 Armor aims to be the standard training system for all striking martial arts and the official scoring system for the Olympics, with the ultimate vision of making Taekwondo a new professional sport.

Our team was initially assigned to design and develop the core firmware for 20/20 Armor boards. We worked closely with the client's software design team and developed the (hardware) response for different game modes. Later in the development phase, we were awarded the task to upgrade the initial hardware design and add new features.



The ARAIG is a futuristic suit that takes the gaming experience to the next level. Through multi-sensory stimulation, the gamer is immersed in an experience that brings together the virtual world with reality. With surround sound and physical feedback including vibratory and muscle stimulation, the gamer is able to embody the full gamut of the gaming experience. The ARAIG makes gaming “As Real As It Gets”, and plays an

essential role in every gamer’s arsenal. Designed for IFTECH Inc., a Canadian based technology company.

Our team designed the hardware and firmware for the system. From a PC or gaming console, HDMI data is relayed wirelessly to the suit which incorporates the PCB with DSP, FPGA and a micro controller along with drivers for muscle stimulation, vibratory devices, and 7.1 surround sound.

We provided support to the industrial design of ARAIG’s outer layer exoskeleton. We helped to optimize the original industrial design to make sure it fits all the hardware and sensors. Our designers advised on the components and materials for the initial prototype.

HydraGEN2™ Image


HydraGEN2™ is a recipient of Top Gold Award in 2018 Edison Award for Vehicle Advancements. It is a portable, safe and reliable aftermarket unit that produces hydrogen and oxygen on demand with the goal to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon (C) emissions. It is designed for on-road applications with class 6-8 engines by DynaCert, a Canadian company. With its patent-pending delivery method, DynaCert Technology is centered

around providing hydrogen-oxygen mixture, generated on demand through electrolysis, for combustion engines.

NeuronicWorks was presented with the task to design the second generation of HydraGEN™ unit which allows to automate the process of hydrogen-oxygen mixture delivery as well as process data collection.

For the second generation of HydraGEN™ unit our team helped with the system design, developed new compact hardware unit, and designed the real time running firmware as well as the cloud repository data-base.