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NetAngelS is an independent company specialized in providing IT Operation services, design and deployment of Hadoop clusters, building public and private clouds, creation and support of multi node, fault tolerant clusters for high loaded web portals. 

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Tallinn, Estonia
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OddEye Dashboards

Sophisticated machine learning algorithms to automatically detect any abnormal behavior within monitored systems and alert in real time when action is required. Always up to date by, constantly analyzing data and adopting new thresholds to detect anomalies.
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OddEye is advanced monitoring and utomated anomaly detection platform. It provides an all in one monitoring and anomaly detection suite. We utilize machine learning to detect anomalies and generate real-time alerts. OddEye’s main goal has always been to minimize human intervention and provide feature rich dashboards with intuitive configuration parameters. Our platform is system and sensor agnostic and can detect anomalies and
plot data for any systems, sending metrics to our API servers.
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Matchmaking platform

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Zangi is secure voice calling and chat application that works everywhere

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AI Driven Industrial Analytics platform.