We build apps for startups

Pronounced “nog-nuh”, na:gne translates to “naked” in Norwegian and is at the heart of what we do for app development - we believe in true transparency.

Founded in April 2019, we’re an app studio for startups. Based in Edinburgh Scotland, we go further than traditional app development agencies - it’s not just about the app.

We distill complex app ideas and make them simple.

$25 - $49 / hr
2 - 9
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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Codebase, 3 Lady Lawson Street
    Edinburgh, MLN EH3 9DR
    United Kingdom


Key clients: 

Occupyd, CallWallet, Trapar, Reshape, Moneymatix, Ujali, Homepointr, CensorPic

Occupyd (Web application) Image

Occupyd (Web application)

Occupyd is a marketplace connecting those in need of flexible workspace to those that have it to spare.

Designed with Invision Studio

Developed with Angular



Reshape (Mobile application) Image

Reshape (Mobile application)

Reshape allows anyone carrying a mobile phone to measure and reduce their impact on climate change. It monitors daily activities, automatically calculates carbon footprint and displays it in an intuitive way. Like a fitness tracker, it works on the principle that if you can measure your performance, you can improve it.

Designed with Invision Studio 

Developed with Flutter

Trapar (Web application) Image

Trapar (Web application)

Trapar is a fleet management tool for operators.

Designed with Invision Studio 

Developed with Angular 

CallWallet (Mobile application) Image

CallWallet (Mobile application)

CallWallet is an app that helps you make hands-free sales calls when you’re on the go.

Designed with Invision Studio

Developed with Flutter


Homepointr (Web application) Image

Homepointr (Web application)

Homepointr is a Scotland-based social enterprise set up to streamline complex renting processes and make renting easier for both referral agencies and housing providers, saving time and increasing occupancy rates.

Designed with Invision Studio

Developed with Angular



CensorPic (Mobile app design) Image

CensorPic (Mobile app design)

CensorPic aims to reduce the volume of indecent images of children being produced and entering the public domain.

Designed with Invision Studio